5 Unexpected Costs During Vacations

5 Unexpected Costs During Vacations

Vacations are never cheap!  Ranging from having to take time off work to have to deal with the high price of flying and staying in a hotel, you’re not going to get out for less than a thousand dollars.  Unfortunately, on top of that, there are a dozen other costs that can wear you down.  Here are five unexpected prices during vacations that you should keep in mind while you’re traveling!

Ubers and Lyfts Add Up

If you don’t want to rent a car, but you still have a lot of getting around to do, you could be racking up an incredible car bill.  The average Uber or Lyft ride starts between eight to fifteen dollars.  If you take six a day, that’s enough to be able to afford an extra night in some hotels.  You can time your rides for promotions, but in most cases, it’s cheaper to rent a car and more accessible since you won’t have to wait for a drive to arrive.

Paying for Wifi Everywhere

Wifi isn’t always free!  If you’re traveling within Canada, many parts of the country have paid wifi hotspots you can join.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that while you’re looking at Vancouver homes for sale that you’ll have high-speed internet.  Most charge by the hour or day by day.  This means that you could quickly rack up a high internet bill at a time when you should be looking at your phone least! 

Currency Exchange

If you go from Canada to the USA, you may be disappointed to realize that five dollars of your money are only worth four American dollars.  Some entire vacations can feel like a giant money pit because all of your cash is disappearing into the exchange rate.  You can, and should, still enjoy your vacation!  Cut loose and have fun, but next time get the funds exchanged ahead of time to have a clear visual image so that you know how much money is available to spend.

Trip Cancellation

Trip cancellation can be one of the most disgustingly expensive losses you can take.  From losing out on your deposit on the hotel to losing your deposit on the rental car, and any other expense you’re pushing towards this trip.  It can be overwhelming to stare it all down, but having to cancel your trip means all of that money is gone.  If you can plan, attempt to get travel insurance.  This will take some money upfront, but it’s a significant investment to protect yourself.

Lost Luggage

This problem is a nightmare nobody wants to have to imagine, but luggage does occasionally go missing.  Even if you get travel insurance, which most people don’t, you can still be out a substantial amount of money.  If your luggage case itself is worth seventy dollars, and inside it is a three hundred dollar laptop, and you have personal items of a couple of hundred dollars, you could be looking at a significant loss.  This amount of money isn’t easy to let go of, especially when you already spent a ton on the airfare to get your bag over.