Adventure Trips in Campo Novo do Parecis, Brazil

Campo Novo do Parecis

Campo Novo do Parecis, located in west Brazil, is a paradise for adventure seekers in little-explored regions. The region of Mato Grosso has natural scenery of waterfalls and forests that provide opportunities to take up outdoor activities like rafting, hiking, snorkelling and scuba diving and tempts the traveller to stay longer than planned.

Rafting, Hiking and Rappelling in Mato Grosso

Around Campo Novo do Parecis lie areas of unspoiled beauty that are excellent for outdoor activities. Two of Mato Grosso’s splendid waterfalls are at a two hours’ drive from the city: the Utiariti Waterfall and the Salto Belo Waterfall – both explored by lovers of rappelling. The nearby Rio Sacre and Rio Verde are only two of Mato Grosso’ rivers suitable for rafting.

Augosto Toco has his own eco tourist agency, called “Operadora de Ecoturismo”. His main adventure trips are rafting, hiking and rappelling but he also guides travellers to Paresi Indian tribes. The climate of Mato Grosso allows outdoor activities to be enjoyed all year round.

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Expect to pay about 70-100 reais per person for a rafting, hiking or rappelling adventure. The exact price depends on the number of persons participating and the location of the activity. Reservations for Augosto Toco’s adventure trips can be made by:

Snorkelling and Scuba Diving in Mato Grosso

Kennedy is the scuba diving specialist of Campo Novo do Parecis. He rents out equipment and takes travellers on a day-trip. He does not give diving lessons. Mato Grosso has several great scuba diving locations, the nearest being the Rio Verde. Kennedy can be reached by phone: [65] 9987-3513. Expect to pay between 100-170 reais [60-90 US dollars] for either just the rental of equipment or a scuba diving day-trip with Kennedy in the area.

Rio Verde is not only the name of a river but also of a balneário, a recreation area that lies about fifteen kilometres north of Campo Novo do Parecis. A sign along the provincial road NMT 364 indicates the turn off to Balneário Rio Verde. As the name suggests, the river is green in colour, but nevertheless clear and excellent for outdoor activities.

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Snorkelling and scuba diving are done near and underneath the low but beautiful waterfall along which the balneário is located. Make reservations for lunch at the balneário’s restaurant in the morning, and between 12am-1pm an all-you-can eat lunch is served for 15 reais [9 US dollars]. The entrance fee is 5 reais. The balneário has no lodgings.

Augusto Toco and Kennedy can also be contacted through the Secretaria de Turismo in Campo Novo do Parecis.

Adventure Sports in West Brazil

Campo Novo do Parecis in Mato Grosso is an excellent base to arrange outdoor activities in the nearby natural regions. The city has two adventure trip specialists: Augosto Toco and Kennedy, who take adventure travellers rafting, rappelling and scuba diving. The town’s Prefeitura [town hall] can help travellers who are interested in visiting indigenous villages in the area. Regions in Mato Grosso also suitable for adventure sports are Tangara da Serra and Bom Jardim.