Bolivia (South America)

Bolivia (South America)

Bolivia is located in South America and is considered as one of the most diverse nations because of its natural beauty, diverse geography and co-existence of various ethnic communities. On the north-eastern side, it is bordered by Brazil, By Peru on the northwest, and Chile on the southwest with Argentina and Paraguay on the south. Occasionally it is referred to the Tibet of the Americas and is also one of the farthest countries in the western hemisphere. 60% of the Bolivian population comprises of pure Native American people.

Nature and Climate

Bolivia is known for its wild life and the most appropriate place for nature lovers, poets etc who will not find mesmerizing landscape, view or experiences anywhere in the world. Its unique climatic, geographic and biological diversity is astounding and second to none. With diverse animal and plant life, unique bird species and unmatched variations in the topography, this nation brings you close to the natural world.


The climatic conditions show immense variation with altitude and form one zone to another. It varies from being extremely humid to cold and semi-arid. Despite of its tropical latitude, the cities in Bolivia like La Paz are cold with advisable warm clothing round the year. The weather is warmer in November until March, wet during April until October with colder and drier weather in winters.


Latin America exhibits rich and diversified cultural, historical and spiritual depths. Officially recognized as a plurinational state, it is a recommended place to visit and experience a diverse mix of people living together. It has different ethnic groups namely Quechua 30%, Aymara 25%, Mestizo 30% and white with 15% of the entire population. Guarani communitiesin the low lying plains and deeper forested areasare progressively changing according to the Quechua and mestizo groups.

Bolivia people

The scenario in cities is somewhat different, as culture changes either quickly or slowly as per the movement in the society. This has rich and poor people, educated and uneducated people. Bolivia offers new understanding and a new view which will change every stereotype or concept and preconceived notions about it.

Eating Habits and Popular Cuisine

The famous cuisine of Bolivia is “meat and potatoes”, the latter one commonly called as papas, by the Quechua. Although chicken and llama are easily found, the most common meat eaten is of beef and pork. They usually deep fry all sorts of meat and fried chicken is the easiest and famous quick dish. In the rural areas, guinea pigs and rabbits are commonly eaten. All the Bolivian meals are served with LLajhua, a spicy sauce.

Some distinguished Bolivian dishes include Pique a lomach, Silpancho or Milanesa and street foods include Anticucho, Salchipapa, Choripan etc. Their mid-morning snacks are usually meat filled buns, however, many prefer to start their day with fruits like Ensalada de frutas.

Bolivia culture


Almost every day in Bolivia is adventure as the country has beautiful peaks, rivers, jungles, treks along with the wide impassable areas that urge you further into the wild. It is place specially for people with bold spirit and courage since it takes the explorers through steep mountain peaks and turns on the river. The trip along with the rivers gives an amazing experience from the barks of the monkeys with jaw dropping wild life experience.

Despite being a challenge, Bolivia is one of the fascinating places on earth. It may be the poorest country but is richest in its culture, which no other country on earth is. Astounding variations in terrain, massive mountain peaks, rivers, wildlife, its scenic beauty and landscapes are stunning.