Charminar, Hyderabad


Charminar. As the name says, it has four minars that emerge from the bottom to the tadalista vs cialis sky and is the prominent monument in the Hyderabad city of Andhra Pradesh, India. Going back in the history, it was built by the 5th ruler of the Qutb Shahi, Sultan Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah. The name is derived from Persian/Hindi combination, and soon after it’s construction, the king has shifted his reign from the Golkonda to the famous Hyderabad (especially the locality around the Charminar). There are plenty of different places that one can visit around Charminar like the Mecca Masjid, Laad Bazaar which form the pearl hub together. The Charminar is a synonym for the glory and ancient history of the Hyderabad.

Charminar InteriorTalking about the construction, Charminar is made of puberished marble stones, lime and different types of granite. Years before, it was constructed at the heart of the city (Now, old city) as a monument with 4 minarets at the corners of the square. It is located at the cross junction, and each side is around 20 meters in length. The height of the minarets range up to 48.7 meters from the ground, and inside them, one has to climb a total of 149 round steps to reach the terrace which gives you a beautiful panoramic view of the city.

Charminar at nightWhy do have to the monument, if you ask? Charminar is amazing and beautiful at the nights when it is illuminated. At times of the Ramzan festival, this one is a rare sight, and if you want to know about the heritage of the city, there’s no other place better than Charminar to visit. There is a belief that an underground tunnel connects Charminar to the Golconda Palace which is made as an escape route for the Kings in emergencies and no one has located the tunnel till now. Apart from being a great construction, there are many other places around Charminar that one can visit including the India’s largest mosque known as Mecca Masjid, the Old City Market which is full of vivid shops (Bangles, Sarees known as Laad Bazaar, The Pather Gatti Charminar itself is a tourist place which has many foreign visitors every year who come to purchase local items like pearls and bangles.

Charminar 02The AP department of Tourism to enhance sophistication is now conducting walks around Charminar from 7 AM on Sunday mornings to Chowmahalla Palace to explore the rich heritage of Hyderabad. It’s a two-hour walk which takes you around the city on which you come across Mecca Masjid, Pather Gatti, Laad Bazaar, Mehboob Chowk, Jillu Khana Gate, Mehboo Chown Mosque, Moti Mahal, Clock Tower, Asman Jah Bahadur Dewdi, Aiwan-e-Ali, Shahi Khazana and finally to the Chowmahalla Palace for only 50 bucks for head.

Chariminar top viewA replica of Charminar is also built in Pakistan near Karahi at the Bahadurabad crossing. However, it did not get any attention because of the poor construction and ornamentation which reveals that the Charminar is unique and apparently inestimable! In case if you’re planning a visit to Hyderabad, do not miss to visit this fascinating construction.