Chur (Switzerland)

Chur (Switzerland)

Chur is the oldest town of Switzerland and is also known as the Alpine City. It is surrounded by mountain magic and is equipped with narrow as well as winding streets, snow-capped mountains, modern shopping centres and unadulterated nature.

Situated at an altitude of 1,949 ft above sea level and on the right bank of the Rhine, the place has an oceanic climate where summers are warm and hot (sometimes) while winters are freezing. Spring water of the place is exported and sold as Passugger mineral water.


The nearest airport is Zurich International Airport. By rail Chur is just 120 kilometres from Zurich and is the meeting point of several routes from Italy. It is located close to the southern end of A13 motoway and so well connected by roads too with other cities and towns. Buses in the city operates on five different routes and taxis are available too for commuters. It is to note the old town of Chur is car-free.

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Another nearest airport is St. Gallen Altenrhein Airport and is just 71 kilometres from the city centre.

Places to See

Chur is a very small city. Visitors can best explore the famous Rhaetian Railway of Switzerland from here which is certified as an UNESCO world heritage site. For every day adventure one can visit nearby Graubunden to see all well-known resorts. For the foodies the place has everything to offer, from gourmet restaurants to local pubs.

Cadonau Parkli – Cadonau Parkli is a small and lovely park in Chur. It is best place for those who want to relax and read a book. The place is completely quiet as it is not as popular as the Quaderwiese or the Fontana Park.

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Fontana Park – The Fontana Park is highly popular among tourists and is said to be most beautiful park with many beautiful flowers in the town. It has a beautiful fountain too.

Quaderwiese – This too is a popular park destination in Chur and tourists can be seen sunbathing, playing football and relaxing during summer time. It is an ideal place for family outing.

Turnerwiese – This place is definitely best for sports lovers. Turnerwiese is very large and ideal for sports activities.

Languages Spoken


German is the official language of Chur but mostly people use the local variant of the Alemannic Swiss German dialect.

Points of Interest

Bernina Express – The highest railway on the Alps and passes through glaciers.

Tomasee – It is synonymous to hiking, lake and nature in Chur.

Rhine – Tourists enjoy waterfall, river, castle, bicycle touring as well as wine here.

Bundner Kunstmuseum – Those who love art should visit the place. It is a famous museum in Chur.