Concepcion Botanical Garden of Malaga (Andalusia – Spain)

Concepcion Botanical Garden of Malaga (Andalusia – Spain)

Situated on the outskirts of the Andalucian capital Málaga, the Concepción Garden houses one of Spain‘s most prominent collections of sub-tropical and tropical flora started over 150 years ago.

The Creation of The Concepcíon Botanical Garden

In the 18th century the land was an agricultural estate owned by the Livermore family. Their granddaughter Amalia Heredia Livermore and her husband Jorge Loring Oyarzábal inherited the property in 1850. The wealthy couple had a desire to create a romantic garden and their business connections enabled them to find and ship-in exotic and rare species of flora from all over the world.

Gradually the magnificent botanical garden we see today came to life and it was named after their daughter, Concepcíon.

In 1911 the garden was auctioned and passed to the Echevarría-Echevarría family and later in 1943 declared an artistic garden . Sadly by the 1960’s the garden had become unkempt and overgrown and it wasn’t until 1990 that Malaga Town Hall took over the 49 hectare estate, opening it to the public in1994.

It is tempting to rush headlong into the garden but with so much to see it is wise to follow the themed routes. Six hours can easily be spent strolling around the splendid gardens. The walks are coded as easy, medium and difficult depending on length. The historical garden is wheelchair friendly as is the Palm Avenue and the Around the World in 80 Trees Route.

Concepcíon’s Historical Garden


This is the central mainly shaded landscaped garden where a huge variety of tropical and sub-tropical plants flourish. Huge monsteras, bird of paradise, giant ficus are just three of the plants that fill this tropical paradise.

Waterfalls cascade into ornamental pools that meander through the garden and the only other sound comes from the birdsong. Picturesque iron bridges, rippling streams and old greenhouses that seem to have taken root are half hidden in the undergrowth adding to the romantic fatmosphre.

The small pseudo-classic building was once the Loring Museum housing a valuable collection of archaeological remains. Nowadays it is closed but outside some marble statues and columns are on show, together with a Roman mosaic depicting the feats of Hercules.

Politicians, artists, cultural figures and aristocrats have all been entertained in the splendid 19th century Loring Mansion. The wisteria covered iron pergola alongside the mansion is certainly not to be missed in late March and early April when the whole structure takes the strain of the glorious cascading lilac blooms

Concepcíon’s Themed Botanical Gardens

Apart from the Historical Garden there are many areas dedicated to other species. The date palms and old lemon groves are located in the south-east of the garden close to the lake.

An area at the northern end of the garden contains native plants, over 200 species of Málaga vines and a 400 year old olive tree. A path leads from the vines to the pretty pine tree viewpoint with views across to the Montes de Málaga. The valuable palm collection in the same area is over 150 years old and contains species from the five continents.


Olive, almond, vines, figs, pomegranate, and herbs are included in the native plants garden located in the north-east while the primitive and aquatic plants and the lotus ponds are not far from the entrance. An impressive variety of bamboo surrounds the 19th century Gardener’s Lodge are found just below the Historical Garden.

Finally, fruit trees can be seen in the area of the school house. Species include pecan, chirimoya, pear, persimmon, walnut, grapefruit, lemon and orange.

Walks Through the Tropical and Sub-tropical Landscape – Mirador Walk

This picturesque route circles the newly planted cactus garden with charming corners and rest spots overlookig the treetops below. The highlight of this route is the Mirador, a viewpoint built in the Echevarría period affording wonderful panoramic views of Málaga city .

Walking Through the Forest

This 1200 mt. walk is in the highest section of the garden and stretches from north to south. It is dedicated to Mediterranean species and along the pathway are rest spots with panoramic views across to the city.

Walking Around The World in 80 Trees

This is a fascinating route incorporating trees, plants and shrubs from all five continents. The 1km. walk begins with species from North America and finishes with Oceania.

Exotic, Rare and Native Plants in One Fine Botanical Garden

The Concepcíon Garden is a must for any plant lover who can appreciate and enjoy a fine collection of tropical and subtropical plants in such a well laid out and delightful area. Guided visits can be arranged in advance and the site has a cafeteria, picnic areas, souvenir shop and plant sales.