Curitiba (Capital, Largest City of Brazilian State of Parana)

Curitiba (Capital, Largest City of Brazilian State of Parana)

Curitiba is one of the most populous cities in Brazil comprising of 26 municipalities and is also considered as an important economic, political and cultural centre in Latin America. In 1853 it was declared as capital of Parana and now is more known for being second largest car manufacturer in the country.

In terms of tourism Curitiba receives over 2 million tourists annually and the gateway for most of them is Afonso Pena International Airport. Due to high level infrastructure the bus service is fast and convenient for daily commuters. Seven massive shopping malls including Park Barigui, Patio Batel, Palladium, Crystal and Mueller adds excitement to the visitors.


Curitiba (Capital of Brazilian State of Parana)

The annual Curitiba Theatre Festival related to arts is highly popular in the city along with Music Workshop of Curitiba. People also celebrate several immigrant festivals like Grape Feast related to Italian immigrants and the Japanese observe Matsuri. During the Brazilian Carnival tourists can also experience the famous Psycho Carnival, which is a three-day festival and devoted to psychobilly and rockabilly genres. The Zombie Walk too takes place during the same time attracting thousands of people.


Bus is the main mode of transport for people in the city due to excellent infrastructure of bus network including world’s first bus rapid transit (BRT) system that was inaugurated in 1974.


The city is served by Afonso Pena International Airport for overseas visitors and it is in the nearby city of Sao Jose dos Pinhais.

Visitors can board Serra Verde Express rail service by rail company Rumo to see the scenic country to Morretes and Paranagua.

However, there is no scheduled passenger train service. A metro line is currently under construction.

Places to see

Curitiba- Brazil

German Woods – The memorial honors culture and tradition that was brought by the German immigrants. It was opened in 1996 and has several attractions like hall for concerts named Oratory Bach, the Tower of Philosophers, the Haunted House, children’s library and the Hansel.

Italian Woods – The place is popular for hosting local celebrations.

Japan Square – It houses 30 cherry trees brought from Japan, artificial lakes, Tea House, Culture House and Japanese Portal. The place is a homage to Japanese immigrants.

Tingui Park – The park was established at the Barigui river margins reminding original inhabitants. A Ukrainian Memorial, statue of Tindiquera Chieftain and replica of an Orthodox church can be seen there.

Wire Opera House – The house is built on the site of an abandoned quarry.

Tangua Park – Being a part of the Barigui river preservation project the park was inaugurated in 1996 in an area of 450,000 square metres. It has bicycle track, belvedere, snack bar and Poty Lazzaroto garden.

Curitiba International Ecological Marathon – Locally called as the Maratona Ecologica Internacional de Curitiba, the marathon is held in the summer heat during the month of November on hilly course and is known as hardest in the country.

Panoramic Tower – Travelers can see 360 degree view of the city from the 360-foot tall lookout tower. The ground floor houses a telephone museum.