Dubai Destinations – Ski Dubai

Dubai Destinations – Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai has the world’s largest collection of indoor ski slopes, boasting a total of 22,500 square meters of snow covered drops, twists and turns that could excite anyone who enjoys skiing or snowboarding. This vast space is split up into five separate runs that aim to meet the needs of visitors with varying skill levels. The beginner slope is ideal for those looking to learn the essentials whilst the world’s first indoor ‘black’ run offers an adrenaline-filled challenge for even the most competent of skiers and snowboarders.

Whilst Ski Dubai does boast five different runs it’s more than likely experienced skiers may find that they’re out of new slopes within an hour on the less crowded days. When at the very top of the slope there’s two distinct routes to follow, one leading toward the mid-station and the other going down the ‘black’ run. Whilst the black run is steep and builds up the riders speed quickly it’s not comparable to black slopes in many outdoor ski resorts which offer a considerably harder challenge.

First- Time Visitors To Ski Dubai

First time skiers and snowboarders shouldn’t feel left out from the fun, Ski Dubai offers lessons for adults, older children and youngsters aged 3-6 with highly trained professionals at an affordable price. Private lessons are also available where up to three guests can hire a personal instructor to teach beginners the basics needed to tackle the slopes seen at Ski Dubai and around the world.

For those not looking for such a thrilling experience Ski Dubai also has the world’s largest indoor snow park. At 3000 square meters the snow park offers fun for all the family. As the Snow Park is cheaper than hitting the slopes it also offers a great break for the family on those hotter Dubai days, the perfect place to cool off away from the midday heat. Jackets, pants and socks are included in the price of admission but it’s important to remember to bring your own hat and gloves for both the Snow Park and the slopes.

Dubai Destinations – Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai also caters for those not looking to feel the chill during their vacation. The San Moritz Cafe, situated at the entrance to Ski Dubai, offers great views of the slopes and Snow Park. The menu is comprised of a varied collection of quality offerings, albeit at a premium price. The San Moritz Cafe offers a great view whilst dining, although better views of the slopes can be found on the first floor directly above the cafe. It should also be noted that Ski Dubai is situated in the Mall of the Emirates, one of the largest shopping malls in the region, perfect for those who don’t want to hit the slopes.

For even better views of the slope try having a hot chocolate at The Avalanche Cafe, situated right in the middle of the ski slopes. Whilst visitors have to use the chair lift to reach the cafe visitors don’t need to have a slope pass. For a small fee anyone can use the chair lift to get to the cafe and enjoy a warm drink or a small snack, just ask about visiting the cafe at the main desk near the entrance.

Best Times To Visit Ski Dubai

The best time to visit Ski Dubai is during weekdays (Sunday-Thursday) as it’s considerably less crowded. Crowds are lowest when the attraction first opens, making this the perfect time to visit as you’re likely to only be sharing the slopes with a handful of people, especially during the less crowded times of year. It is important to remember however that some stores in Mall of the Emirates won’t open till after the Ski Slope meaning those looking to do shopping whilst others are skiing may be left disappointed earlier on in the day.

Dubai Destinations – Ski Dubai

Overall, Ski Dubai has to be one of the most unique attractions in Dubai, which is saying something in a city that holds hundreds of world records and is noted for its many world-class offerings. Even if you’re not into skiing or snowboarding Ski Dubai is a must visit when in the city, even if it’s just to take a look in from outside to see what a spectacular place this really is.


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