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As fascinating as the temples and ancient pyramids of Giza are, tourists are turning away from the usual tourist areas in Egypt or spending the minimum of time at the “must-see” sites before heading off for an Egyptian adventure of a different kind. Why have eco tours and adventure camping in the middle of nowhere become so popular in recent times?

The deserts, oases and sea of Egypt provide many opportunities for imaginative travelers to visit the more inaccessible and seldom seen areas of Egypt. This has become easier than ever with the numerous eco tour operators and adventure operators that facilitate trips of this nature. Remote touring allows people to get away from people and back to the stillness, quiet and open expanses that stressed-out city dwellers crave from time to time.

Jeep Safaris into the Desert

Trips of this nature to Egypt usually involve a tour operator who will sort out all the logistics of the trip. It is obviously wiser to traverse the desert in this way, since it eliminates the risk of getting stranded or lost in the desert. Typically, tours can range between 3 to 15 days and incorporate tours to the White desert, Sinai desert, Sahara desert, Black desert and Western desert.

Desert Eco Tours is one such operator offering trips to the oases of Bahariya, Farafra, Daklha, Siwa and Kharga, the Black and White deserts, the Gara stalegmites cave, the magic spring, Marsa Matruhand and more. Expect to pay around $2 300 per person for a 15 night tour, including permits, accommodation and meals as specified.

Camel Safaris Egypt

Crazy Camel Safaris offer trips by camel into the Sinai desert to see canyons, deserts and caves, along with a trusted Bedouin Guide. Camel and Jeep safari combinations are also offered.

Trekking into the desert on a camel is said to be the ultimate experience when it comes to enjoying the peace and quietness of the desert and the star studded heavens by night in the middle of the desert. Prices, contact details and tour dates are available on their website.

Eco desert lodges are springing up in Egypt, catering to the sector of the market interested in really quiet, tranquil get-aways, with visitors secure in the knowledge that they are contributing to sustainable, economic tourism in the country.