Egypt travel with kids

Egypt travel with kids

Travel to Egypt is not just the domain of historians or those curious to see a few ancient historical sights. Children learn about Egypt in school and an excursion to the country itself can be the trip of a lifetime for them.

Plan the trip well in advance. Take the time to study the history and decide on exactly which sights/tombs/museums/pyramids the family wishes investigate. The more details the child learns about a certain Pharaoh or historical figure, the more enthusiastic he or she will be when it comes time to finally view the artifacts.

Egyptians are generally friendly and tolerant towards children and will go out of their way to amuse or educate them. Touching is common and is meant as a friendly gesture.

Nile River Egypt for Kids


The Nile river itself is of interest from a bible history point of view as well as a historical interest point of view. Show them the agriculture, explain when the Nile River floods and how crops were cultivated in ancient times and modern times. Let them complete a worksheet on what types of crops were cultivated and how they were stored in ancient Egypt after harvesting.

Plan a meal in a restaurant which incorporates different types of locally grown food. Make sure it is well-cooked, however, and drink bottled water to avoid sickness.

A boat trip in a felucca will be a delightful way for children to get a view of the Nile river, or a Nile river cruise may be an excellent option for families. Another idea is to take a Nile river taxi, which docks at Maspero. A great excursion is to take a 1½ Nile river taxi ride to the island of Qanatar in the Nile, which island has bumper cars , ferris wheels and other attractions for small kids.

Travel to Egypt to see Famous Museums


Fascinating as museums are, an entire day spent staring at ancient artifacts can get tiresome for children. The Egyptian museum in Cairo alone has a huge variety of exhibits. Break the day up to show them different facets of the museum, for example:

  • Visit the Royal mummy room displays first, sure to spellbind any child,
  • Visit the exhibits which show Egyptian tools which were used for cultivating, harvesting and building in ancient Egypt,
  • Move onto must-see items such as Tutankhamen’s throne and golden mask and a mind boggling display of funeral jewelry,
  • Consider visiting the barques, which were wooden boats placed in or around the tombs of Pharaohs, symbolically important in transporting the Pharaoh’s soul over the sea of death.

Egyptian Desert Excursions for Kids

Camel rides and desert excursions will be delightful to children. Horseback rides past the pyramids are also offered by myriads of operators all over Cairo. When visiting the pyramids in this way, quieter times of the days are early morning or dusk.

Balloon rides over the desert can be pricey but offer views of the vast expanses of the Sahara desert that children are likely never to forget. Trips by quad-bikes and 4 x 4 vehicles are also easily available, try and incorporate a visit to a local desert tribal village if possible, so kids can get a glimpse of nomadic desert way of life that is largely unchanged.

Egyptian Bazaars and Red Sea Snorkeling

Bazaars can be chaotic but will give children a fascinating glimpse of Egyptian life. There are plenty of them selling everything from carpets to fruit and vegetables to jewelry. Be prepared to be somewhat harassed by hawkers.

Travel to Egypt to dive or snorkel in the Red sea is well worth the trip, since is reputed to have some of the best dive sites in the world. Depending on the child’s age and ability, a dive to see underworld wonders is definitely recommended, snorkeling can be just as exciting. Expect to pay around 25 Euros per person for snorkeling.

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