Enjoy The Beauty Of Texas For Your Vacation

Enjoy The Beauty Of Texas For Your Vacation

If you are thinking of vacationing in Texas, then you are in for a beautiful scenic trip. There is much to see around the Plano, Texas area, so ensure this stop is on your itinerary. There are also many amazing hotels near Plano that can accommodate your needs during your visit. Here are some sights worth investigating around Plano.

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

cottonwood creek greenbelt- Beauty Of Texas


The Arbor Hills Nature Preserve on the west side of Plano is divided into three distinct zones. You can visit all three by using the paved and unpaved hiking trails. The blackland prairie is very similar to the terrain that the first settlers would have encountered, and it is especially beautiful in the spring when it is covered with wildflowers. The riparian forest along the creek is filled with red oak trees that are particularly beautiful in the fall when their leaves turn crimson. The upland forest is filled with redbud trees, and if you walk quietly, then you may see a rabbit dart in front of you.

Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve

Oak Point Park – Beauty Of Texas


You may want to bring along a fishing rod and a picnic basket when you visit Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve. This 800-acre area features 3.5 miles of concrete trails and numerous miles of natural trails. A great way to explore this nature preserve is from the water, so bring along your boat, canoe or kayak.

Heritage Farmstead Museum


Even if you are just looking for a quiet place to relax in nature, do not miss visiting the Heritage Farmstead Museum. You will feel like you have stepped back in time to about 1890 when this bustling community was just a tiny dot on the map. If you can, then time your trip to coincide with one of this museum’s unique holiday celebrations where you can see the home decorated in its holiday finest.

Cottonwood Creek Greenbelt


Between Plano and Frisco is the Cottonwood Creek Greenbelt. This hiking trail that was extended in 2018 to include Cottonwood Park in Plano is a great place to stroll along ponds. You will want to climb the observation towers to see amazing wildlife that you might miss otherwise. The Greenbelt won the 2018 Texas Recreation and Park Society park design award for the best park in the state for a city Plano’s size.

Katie Jackson Trail

Katie Jackson Trail – Beauty Of Texas


The four-mile Katie Jackson Trail starting at the Katie Jackson Park runs along White Rock Creek, and it offers many beautiful views of the water. Relax as you listen to the sounds of the rushing water with birds chirping in the background. Watch closely and you may see fish jumping into the air along this trail. This trail is divided into three parts, but the blue trail follows the creek for the longest. You may also want to bring along some food for the turtles who live here.

There are many beautiful places near Plano to see nature. Enjoy these top picks on your vacation to Texas. In fact, you might want to consider starting to pack now as the friendly people of Plano, Texas, are eagerly awaiting your arrival.