Essay on the Foreign Country I Would Like to Visit

Essay on the Foreign Country I Would Like to Visit
Essay on the Foreign Country -rome

Essay got used to writing different forms of essays. Each has its own demands and peculiarities. They may either complicate the accomplishment of the task or make it flow easily. When you have a free theme, you can manage the essay without many problems. For example, most students like to write essays about foreign countries.

Let’s imagine that your professor told to write about a country you would like to visit. The task seems to be simple. However, you should be always ready for possible impediments. Accordingly, we’ve written this article to provide you with helpful and effective guidelines.

You should undertake the following measures offered by a professional essay writing website and its experienced academic writers:

  • Select the country.
  • Gather facts.
  • Narrow your topic.
  • Make an outline.
  • Begin with a draft.
  • Revise, refine, and submit.

We’ll clarify each point in turn.

Point #1

First of all, you should choose a foreign country you would like to visit and write about. This choice clearly defines your topic. If you choose China, you’ll write about it. This is a great advantage for any student because he or she is free to choose the topic he/she will definitely like.

Point #2

The next step is to collect information about the selected location. It should be both general and specific. When we use the word “general”, we mean the obvious and common facts a person can find about any country. These are the capital, territory, the biggest cities, population, etc.

The specific information is associated with something uncommon that steps out of the crowd. It may be extraordinary structures, beautiful natural surroundings, historical events, non-standard customs and traditions and so on.

Get as many facts as possible and take notes. If you have many informative sources, you’ll be able to generate a lot of ideas. Consequently, you’ll have a rich choice to highlight and make your paper more interesting and fascinating. Of course, you should get data from official sources. Verify every source or you risk deceiving your readers.

Point #3

Your word length is limited and you have to keep that in mind. One may go forever on describing interesting facts and places of the entire country. Notwithstanding, you cannot exceed the recommended size (each institution implements its own demands). That’s why you should narrow your topic.

Cover a specific topic about the chosen country. It may be a concrete city or even a certain region of the city. You can also write about some weird and interesting traditions or holidays. Use your creativity to tell a captivating story.

Point #4

Depending on the compiled data and the topic, create a proper plan. It should include the common writing parts, which are the introduction, the main plot, and conclusion. Add the title and a list of references as well.

Consider each phase of your writing. Try to predict how much time every stage will take. Schedule the framework and stick to the plan. Thus, you can slightly organize the working process and save heaps of time.

Point #5

Drafting is an important part of the writing process and you should never skip it. Otherwise, you may induce a lot of problems for yourself. Try to write at least a couple of drafts. This adds credibility to your own writing. You can spot more weak points and mistakes if you write several versions of the research paper.

After you complete the first draft, take some time to rest. Take notes on the weakest points of your writing and improve them in the next version. Afterward, repeat these measures with the next draft.

Point #6

Revision is probably the most boring phase of writing. Nonetheless, it is important too because it helps to detect some weak and inappropriate parts, as well as find mistakes in grammar, spelling, stylistics, punctuation and so on.

Use different approaches to get more reliable outcomes. Read in your head and aloud. Ask other people to listen to and read your paper. You may also read from the end to the beginning. It takes more time to complete the revision but such uncommon approach proves to be effective.

A Brief Sample

“I always wanted to visit Italy. It is a very beautiful and captivating country. I’ve always been fond of the Roman Empire, which once was the mightiest in Europe. Therefore, I would like to visit places that remind of those ancient times. The beauty and history of Italy leave pleasant impressions forever on.

The capital of the country is Rome and this is the main city I would like to visit. I want to see the famous Coliseum where brave gladiators fought for their lives and glory. Another destination point is the Vatican.  One simply must visit this saint mini-country to get in touch with deep religion and marvelous architecture. I would also go to the ancient city of Pompeii to witness the place of greet tragedy with my own eyes. I always liked the documentary and historical films about it. Of course, I would also like to go to Milan, Florence, Venice, and Cecilia. These are famous and beautiful cities. Each is known for various marvels.

Italy has a rich history and attractive scenery. Its architecture takes your breath away. Besides, it’s interesting to visit places where lived such brilliant minds as Julius Cesar, da Vinci, Michelangelo, and others. Such memory would be very precious and I’ll keep it forever with a happy smile.”