Exploring The Amazing Hong Kong Global Geopark

Exploring The Amazing Hong Kong Global Geopark

Hong Kong is the true definition of a concrete jungle; the marvelous city is dotted with towering skyscrapers that are in nearly every block. Even so, anyone who’s been to Hong Kong multiple times will attest that it’s a place that has an unbelievably diverse ecosystem.From swamplands to marine life, and numerous game parks; there’s no denying that this city has various impeccable natural aesthetics.In fact, given that this special administrative region has the most area dedicated to conservation in Asia, it has begun to focus more on its natural heritage. When it comes to natural attractions, the Hong Kong Global Geopark, which is located just outside the city is arguably the crowning jewel in HK. This glorious park is located on the northeast shoreline of the city and has a natural area that covers approximately 150 square kilometers. The park has eight incredible sites that include cliffs, volcanic rocks, islands, and sea caves which are more than enough to intrigue even those who aren’t fond of the outdoors. 

Exploring The Amazing Hong Kong Global Geopark

Getting to The Hong Kong Global Geopark

Given how well-connected Hong Kong is to other parts of the world, it has become incredibly simple for tourists to access this unbelievable place. Given that Cathay Pacific has flight connections to virtually all corners of the globe, it has now become much easier to get a flight to the financial capital of Asia. This implies that there’s nothing holding you back from exploring the Hong Kong Global Geopark. 

Once you’re in the city, there are several ways in which you can get to experience the park. Still, in order to have a fully immersive experience, you can opt to take the High Island tour which will take you around the whole park. The whole tour takes about half a day with most time being allocated to exploring the East Dam which will make you appreciate the vast beauty of mother nature. Throughout the tour, visitors also get the chance to view several different types of sedimentary that have been sourced from various parts of the planet, as well as amazing hexagonal rock columns that were formed millions of years ago. 

volcanic rock Exploring The Amazing Hong Kong Global Geopark

What to Do at The Hong Kong Global Geopark

The park is divided into two distinct regions; the Sai Kung Volcanic Rock Region and the Northeastern New Territories Sedimentary Rock Region which collectively showcase the magnificent beauty of Hong Kong’s landscape. To help you come up with a great itinerary, here are some of the best activities to engage in while exploring the Hong Kong Global Geopark. 

Discover Incredible Rare Volcanic Rocks

The Sai Kung Volcanic Rock Region is the more popular segment at the UNESCO Geopark; this can mainly be attributed to the breathtaking honeycomb-shaped basalt columns found in the region. These rock columns are unique since they aren’t the usual black basalt that is prevalent in other parts of the world; they have a reddish-orange color which may shift depending on the lighting. Moreover, it’s quite rare to see basalt columns as these on such a large scale, which makes these towering columns even more precious. These rocks were formed as a result of violent volcanic activity that took place around 140 million years ago, making them a vital monument that showcases the region’s rich geological heritage.

sedimentary rock Exploring The Amazing Hong Kong Global Geopark

Get Up Close with Rocks from The Dinosaur Ages

For rock buffs and geology lovers alike, the geopark’s Sedimentary Rock Region is sure to tickle their fancy. Here, you’ll find some of Hong Kong’s oldest rocks that date back all the way to the age of the dinosaurs, more than 400 million years ago. These extremely rare rocks have magnificent colors and shades and look like they hold some of the most ancient secrets of the world. You’ll also get a chance to see how erosion turned some of these rocks into their own sort of art, like the eerie Devil’s Fist; a human-size rock that resembles a wrist with finger-like protrusions. 

MacLehose Trail Exploring The Amazing Hong Kong Global Geopark

Go Hiking on the MacLehose Trail

For those who enjoy working out, you can opt to hike up this trail that leads to East Dam instead of using the shuttle service. This is one of HK’s best hiking trails which not only offers visitors great exercise, but also provides them with beautiful vistas of this majestic geopark. Marvelous peaks, beautiful secluded bays, and uncharted beaches are just some of the sights you’re likely to see on this 100 km hike. 


You don’t necessarily have to be a rock enthusiast in order to enjoy this marvelous geopark; it has amazing attractions that are sure to intrigue visitors of all tastes. What’s more, the activities mentioned above only scratch the surface of what you can do in the Hong Kong Global Geopark.