Georgetown (Guyana, South America)

Georgetown, guyana

Capital of Guyana, the city Georgetown is the largest urban centre of the country and is nicknamed as ‘Garden City of the Caribbean.’ It is the seat of the central Government of Guyana and important buildings are located here including Parliament building, Legislative building and Court of Appeals, the highest judicial court in the country.


Formerly known as Timehri Airport, the Cheddi Jagan International Airport serves as the main international airport in the city that serves with direct and connecting flights to Miami, New York City, Toronto, Bridgetown, Port of Spain, Panama City, Panama, Aruba,, Curacao and Paramaribo.

Ogle Airport serves with domestic and regional flights, even nonstop to Barbados and Port of Spain, and some direct flights to other Caribbean islands.

The city is connected with Brazil’s Boa Vista through regular coach service and also via ferry crossing to Suriname’s capital Paramaribo.

Sights to see

Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology

Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology

It is claimed the Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology is oldest such museum in the English speaking Caribbean region. Opened for public in 1982, it is a non-profit institution and founded with the collections of archaeologist Dr Denis Williams. It is located at 61 Main Street, North Cummingsburg.

Guyana Zoo

Officially named as Guyana Zoological Park, the Guyana Zoo was opened in 1952 and since 1895 its ground is also used as botanical gardens. Don’t forget to see here the harpy eagles and manatees.

Castellani House

Located on the corner of Vlissengen Road and Homestretch Avenue, it is a 19th century building designed and built by architect Cesar Castellani. It then served as colonial government officials and since 1993 it is home of National Art Gallery.

St. George’s Cathedral

St. George’s Cathedral

The American cathedral was opened in 1892 and is one of the tallest wooden churches in the world. It is 43.5 meters tall and was completed in 1899. Designed by Sir Arthur Blomfield, the St. George’s Cathedral is the seat of Bishop of Guyana. It is now designated as a National Monument.

Georgetown Seawall Bandstand

Mounted on the western end of the Georgetown Seawall, the Georgetown Seawall Bandstand was built with public funds in 1903 as memorial to Queen Victoria. It was then used by the British Guiana Band and since 2010 the Guyana Police Force has adopted it.

Georgetown Seawall Bandstand


The city never experience a dry season and hence it is suggested to pack umbrellas and raincoats. It has tropical rainforest climate and so is humid throughout the year. The rainiest months are May, June, August, December and January. The best time to visit is between September and November when the humidity is lower. The temperatures are never above 31 degrees Celsius.

Cost of living

As most of the items sold here are imported and so the cost of transportation is added. This makes the prices a bit higher compared to other countries. Some of the business sectors enjoy monopoly and this has too added heavy prices to common products. So it is suggested to carry the necessary products with you like shampoo, tooth paste and soap. Buying there will cost you more.