Get Your Home Ready For Next Vacation

vacation Get Your Home Ready For Next Vacation

Going on a vacation, especially leaving for another country, should be a wonderful experience. However, in many cases the vacation quickly turns into a stressful experience because of worrying about the home. You need to get the house ready for your getaway, especially if it is a longer one. Fortunately, this is quite easy to do. While what you have to do can vary based on different factors, some things you should always remember include the following.

house alarm sensor Get Your Home Ready For Next Vacation

Interior House Walk through

Some time before you leave and one day before you leave you should go through an interior house walkthrough. You do this to be sure that all windows and doors are locked and closed. This includes the pet doors. Then, you want to check all weather stripping to see if there are weak spots or leaks present. You do this because of the fact that pests could use such areas to enter the home.

Be sure that you add new batteries to all the fire detectors and alarm sensors. Then, check plumbing systems to see if they operate properly. If there is any sign of a leak, you need to call plumbers like around one week before leaving. A leak can easily turn into a nightmare as you are away from the house.

unplug electronics Get Your Home Ready For Next Vacation

Unplug Electronics And Appliances

All the electronics and appliances that do not have to run as you are away need to be unplugged. This includes lamps, gaming consoles, computers, floor fans, microwave ovens and so on. Your electric bill will be lower but you can also enjoy more peace of mind. This is because of the fact that a power surge can sometimes lead to electronics and appliances frying. Such surges were known to even cause garage doors to open, making the property highly vulnerable for burglars and allowing animals to get in.

If it is possible, see if you can unplug the wireless router and the internet modem. However, this is only a good idea in the event that these do not support the house’s alarm system.

care food Get Your Home Ready For Next Vacation

Take Care Of Food

When there is food in your pantry or refrigerator that will most likely go bad as you are away, you want to just throw it out, give it away or donate it. Many actually completely clean out their fridge and turn it off to save some extra cash when away for a longer period of time.

Be sure your freezer, cabinets, fridge, sinks and microwave oven are cleaned. This is in order to remove leftover food that could cause the appearance of unwelcome odors and attract pests. Surfaces should be dried after you clean them so you avoid the appearance of mildew.

Don’t Forget About Your Plants

There are many homeowners that simply do not think about the needs of indoor plants when they go on a vacation. Do not make this mistake as you might end up with dead plants when you get back home. Have someone check and water them from time to time.


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