Gold Museum Of Bogota – El Museo del Oro

Gold Artifact

Gold Museum is a well-known Colombian Museum

The Gold Museum, also known as El Museo del Oro in Spanish, is located in Bogota, the city of Colombia. It is found near one of the down town Bogota’s busiest plazas, the Plaza de la cultura, site of an informal market for some of Colombia’s most famous emeralds, and for its equally well known fakes. Any travelers who visits the Bogota city must not ignore this amazing destination because it is now one of the largest museum in the world housing a collection of 55,000 historic pieces.

Check out this large vault door outside the exhibition room.Source – Check out this incredibly thick and large security vault door!

The history of the Gold Museum dates back in 1939 when the Bank of the republic started to protect the archaeological patrimony of Colombia. The very first exhibition though was held in 1969 so it has come a long way before the museum was officially open to the general public. It wasn’t until 2008 that Colombians really started to fully expand the structure of the Gold Museum by adding an auditorium, some additional exhibitions rooms, a cafe, a restaurant and a souvenir store. The expanded building has allowed the museum to showcase another 6,000 pieces.

Check out some of the amazing gold artifacts:

Gold ArtifactSource – An elegant piece of thin gold artifact

This is the famous Musica RaftSource – This is the famous Musica Raft located in the early 1969.

This gold mask belongs to Calima culture.Source – An amazing gold mask belonging to the series of Calima culture

Besides gold, you will also find many different pre-historic art pieces ranging from stones, potteries, shells, woods and other textile archaeological sacred objects from the indigenous cultures. There are just so many incredible items to look at so you can rest assured that your day will be fulfilled with knowledge after knowledge.

Even though there are so many gold, Colombia is still a bargain for many international travelers, though you will want to avoid the American styled restaurants and opt for something local instead as there can be a huge difference in price. Whatever the case, if you are not traveling in a group tour, then make sure you grab yourself a copy of a tour guide, which should be readily available in many travel agencies and information centers, as it will tell you all the other great places to visit while you’re in Bogota. Otherwise, make sure you get your hands on some of the best books on Columbia.