Great honeymoon destination ideas

Great honeymoon destination ideas

Choosing a Honeymoon destination can be both fun and challenging. The prospective honeymooners have a lot to consider: do they want a relaxing, laze-by-the-beach getaway, a cruise, a sightseeing holiday or do they want action and adventure? Maybe a bit of everything? This list offers some the best modern ideas from around the world; places that will be both romantic, perfect and exciting – in short, never to be forgotten.

Honeymoon Resorts in Southern France and Northern Italy

Perhaps no other stretch of Europe offers visitors more in terms of stunning coastlines, romantic cities and beautiful historic locations. Start on the southern coast of France: from Marseille follow the clear golden coastline through Nice, Cannes, St Tropez to Monaco, moving through a coastal stretch of great extravagance and unsurpassed natural beauty. Then, enter Italy and head south along the coast to Cinque Terra: this is a costal area made up of five ancient UNESCO heritage-listed villages, preserved in their old-world authenticity, with romantic, scenic walks in between each breathtaking setting. Then take a quick train trip across the country to finish in the most romantic city in the whole of Europe: Venice. This great trip combines history, adventure and coast-side relaxation and will appeal to both backpackers and high-fliers.

Resorts on The Gold Coast of Australia

The land Down Under boasts a hotbed of desirable tourist destinations for those seeking romance, action and adventure. Nowhere within Australia are these three sought-after traits of the Honeymoon traveller better encapsulated than on the Gold Coast. This area of southern Queensland has everything: white-gold sand beaches, rippling surf, perpetual sun, roller coasters, theme parks, rainforests, shopping, great bars and clubs and access to Australia’s unique wildlife. There are plenty of perfect resorts to stay in, as the Gold Coast is designed for tourists; this is truly the place for those newlyweds who long to laze by the beach, but still want days of fun and adventure.

Scenic Resorts in Goa India


India may be experiencing a bit of a tourist boom, thanks to a certain Oscar-winning film; but Goa has always been the country’s biggest tourist drawcard for Honeymooners. One of the reasons Goa stands out as a Honeymoon destination is because it offers all the trimmings of a romantic, resort-and-beach vacation without the high price tag. India is one of the cheapest countries to travel in the world, and Goa offers much for the overseas tourist; there’s the wonderful coastline, the many resorts and restaurants and then there’s the lush inland forest area, which has been compared with equatorial Africa and the Amazon in terms of beauty. This is a honeymoon spot lovers will never forget.

Perfect Paradise in the Caribbean

While no one should need to be told that the Caribbean is a great Honeymoon spot, the regions very popularity and Honeymoon-perfect conditions make it hard to leave off the list. What makes the Caribbean memorable for newlywed’s are the immaculate resorts, pandering to each couple’s every whim. The resorts of Antigua, Aruba, St Lucia and Barbados are particularly famous – particularly Grande Antigua Resort and Mediterranean Village, an award winner deemed ‘couples only’. Nestled in between golden sand beaches and gorgeous tropical forests, the Grande Antigua, along with many other resorts in the region are perfect for couples wanting relaxing time alone.

Cruising Honeymoon’s in Alaska

While beaches and resorts may be ideal for some, it’s not for everyone. Alaska is the last frontier of the USA; a mostly untouched beauty with a visually epic landscape. An Alaskan cruise takes visitors along the southern coastline, past serene forests, ancient islands and, most magnetic of all, those stunning glaciers, snowfields and ice cliffs that remind one of those enduring images of Antarctica. The cruise ships travel mostly in summer and are of the highest quality for honeymooners wanting to relax in between experiencing this magnificent landscape.

The Legend Las Vegas


There’s a reason why Vegas is so enduringly famous: like any big celebrity, it’s flashy, gorgeous, perfect in all the details and an instant crowd pleaser. Las Vegas is a honeymoon destination for those either seeking a thrill or looking for extravagance – or both. Las Vegas is no longer just about gambling; there are theme parks, shows, musicals, amazing clubs and any number of other thrills for the adventure seeker. And, at the end of the day, the hotels themselves are unforgettable; where else can you walk through the canals of Venice, past the city scape of New York, through all the great sights of Rome, Paris, Camelot and into an Egyptian Pyramid, all on the one street?