Guam (Pacific Ocean)

Hagatna – capital of guam

Commonly popular as a United States Territory in the western Pacific Ocean, the country Guam is the southernmost and largest of the Mariana Islands. In Micronesia too it is the largest island and considered as 32nd largest island of US.

Guam has 19 municipalities and the capital city is Hagatna. The most populated one is Dededo and city with highest density is Mongmong-Toto-Maite. Guamanians are American citizens by birth, but descendants of Austronesian people who came from Southeast Asia during 2000 BC.

The country is three-fourth the size of Singapore with 30 miles and 4 to 12 miles in length and breadth respectively. It is prone to occasional earthquakes and has a tropical marine climate. The weather is usually warm with no much seasonal temperature variation, but humidity exceeds 84 percent during the night hours across the year. During the wet season it is threatened by tropical storms and even typhoons.



The Commercial Port of Guam is considered as its lifeline as most of the products in the region are required to be shipped into for the country’s consumers. The Hawaii-based shipping line connects Guam with Hawaii, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Oakland, California, Seattle and Washington.

The country is served by the Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport. Guam Regional Transit Authority runs public buses and some commercial companies operate similar service between tourist-frequented locations.

Visa program

Foreign citizens can enter the country with US Visa Waiver Program, Guam/CNMI Visa Waiver Program or a valid US visa.

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Guam has English and Chamorro as the two official languages and take note that English is the dominant language on the island. The second language is in fact loan words from Spanish phrases. Filipino, Japanese and Spanish too are spoken.


Duty Free Shoppers (DFS) is one of the many retail outlets operating at stores in hotels and at Guam Airport. The shopping experience in Guam would be something similar to that exist in the US. At the Tumon Bay area you can find several duty-free shopping outlets and boutiques and these mainly cater to Japanese tourists. US citizens may enjoy customs exemptions along with duty and tax free importation of goods.

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Popular restaurants

Some of the popular restaurants in Guam include Jamaican Grill, Jeff’s Pirates Cove, Linda’s Coffee Shop, McKraut’s, Pika’s Cafe, Shirley’s Coffee Shop, Japanese Restaurant WAON, MAIN Restaurant & Lounge and Sand Dune.

Popular cafes

Some of the popular cafes in Guam are Island Sunrise Cafe in Talofofo and Buddies Billiards and Brew, Bully’s Bar & Grill, Cafe Havana and Casa Nami in Tumon.

Popular resorts and hotels

Some of the renowned hotels and resorts in Guam include PIC Resorts – Guam and Tamuning Plaza Hotel in Tamuning, and Hyatt Regency Guam, Pacific Island Club Guam and Royal Orchid Guam Hotel in Tumon.


There is no report of anti-discrimination or harassment codes in Guam. Private non-commercial same-sex acts are legal in the country. Following June 2015 the same-sex marriages have been recognized. Adopting a child too is legal if one plans to live there.