Hearst Castle San Simeon CA

Hearst Castle San Simeon CA

Hearst Castle is a palatial palace is San Simeon, California. Hearst Castle is celebrating is Golden Anniversary as part of the California Park District this year. The historic castle built by wealthy William Randolph Hearst, has been a California State Historical Monument, open to the public, for 50 years. Hearst Castle is on the magnificently beautiful San Luis Obispo Coast.

Hearst Castle is one of the world’s great showplaces. The castle was built on a property on the San Simeon coastline that had been owned by Hearst’s father. Before Hearst Castle was built, the coastal property was a wilderness area named Camp Hill.

William Randolph Hearst inherited Camp Hill from his parents. The media mogul collaborated with famous architect, Julia Morgan, to transform Camp Hill into a palatial palace.

William Randolph Hearst, born in 1883, was the only child of George and Phoebe Hearst. His mother took him on a grand tour of Europe when he was ten years old. They spent over a year touring the great castles and museums of Europe. The European culture inspired many of Hearst’s ideas for the castle he built many years later.

La Cuesta Encantada

Hearst’s estate was called “La Cuesta Encantada,” which means “The Enchanted Hill”, W.R. Hearst referred to his palatial estate as “The Ranch.”

W.R. Hearts enjoyed welcoming the rich and famous of society to his castle. He invited heads of state, Hollywood actors, politicians and and powerful heads of state to his palatial estate.he 165 rooms and the grounds of Hearst Castle saw many of the Hollywood A list of the era. The fabulous Neptune Pool was surrounded by the elite and most privileged of society.

Hearst collected a vast art collection, which included classical paintings, medieval tapestries, religious textiles, oriental rugs, silver, antiques, sculptures, Spanish ceilings and Renaissance furniture.The vast collection of museum quality art is still at Hearst Castle and available for public enjoyment on one of the Hearst Tours.

Amazing Facts About Hearst Castle

The Hearst Castle web site lists some impressive facts. The facts can help people to envision the immensity of the Palace on the Pacific Ocean.

The estate is a massive size, with a total of 90,080 square feet. There are 56 bedrooms, 41 fireplaces, 61 bathrooms and 19 sitting rooms. The Estate consists of four buildings. There are two amazing swimming pools.

Casa Del Sol is 2,604 square feet and has eight bedrooms.
Casa Del Mar is 5,875 square feet and has six bedrooms.
Casa Del Monte is 2,291 square feet and has four bedrooms.
Casa Grande is 60,645 square feet. There are 38 bedrooms and 41 bathrooms in the largest building.
Neptune Pool is 104 by 58 feet and holds 345,000 gallons of water.
Indoor Roman Pool is 1.665 square feet.
W.R. Hearst Legacy to California Park System

William Randolph Hearst passed away in 1951. The Hearst Corporation donated the magnificent property to the People of the State of California in 1957. The California Park District held dedication ceremonies on June 2, 1958.

Hearst Castle Tours

Heart Castle is celebrating its 50th anniversary of offering tours to the public this year. Five different guided tours offer a different look at the palatial palace. Guided tours include: Experience Tour, North Wing of Casa Grande, Upper Floors of Casa Grande, Garden Tour and Evening Tour. Tour prices from May 15 to September 15 are $24 to $30 for adults and $12 to $15 for ages 6-17. Tour prices are slightly less during the off season. Reservations are recommended. Call 1-800-444-4445 or see the Hearst Castle website for information.