House Swap and Hospitality Network with Swap-House

House Swap and Hospitality Network with Swap-House

It is a known fact that today tourism is a favorite hobby for millions of people. Interestingly, the number of options for the vacation in the other city or country is growing. For example, the so-called hospitality networks recently came into general use of the experienced travelers.

What is the hospitality network?

The term “Hospitality network” refers to a community of like-minded people, willing to accommodate other members of the club in their homes at no charge in exchange for their same actions.

The first predecessors of the hospitality networks came into being back in 1949 but these services didn’t become very popular at the time. In the information age, the hospitality networks found a new life — the modern, more user-friendly services appeared on the internet.

House Swap and Hospitality Network with Swap-House2

One of the most popular networks is the American CouchSurfing project, which, by the way, gave the name “Couchsurfing” to all of the similar services. Unfortunately, the official CouchSurfing website is quite complicated for the new users.

Equivalent to Couchsurfing

A quite reasonable question arises: “Is there any equivalent to CouchSurfing?” Yes, such service is Swap House ( The website is available in English and Russian languages, and it is not overloaded with redundant settings.

The main competitive advantages of the official Swap House website over CouchSurfing are the following:

  • easy signup,
  • plenty of participants from different countries of the world,
  • descriptions of houses include not only photos of their owners but the photos of the rooms themselves (admit that when you go to a new city, you want to see your future sleeping accommodation).

In addition to these benefits, it’s worth noting that Swap House combines two popular services at once:

Hospitality. This is the same CouchSurfing we wrote about. People accommodate tourists from other cities/countries and they may not only give them a room or a bed to sleep in but also to accompany them during their walks around the local attractions.

House swapping If you’ve seen “The Holiday” movie starring Cameron Diaz, you already know what it is. The participants from different countries exchange their houses for the vacations.

To sum up, first of all, Swap House could be interesting for users, wanting to travel and save a substantial amount of money on the accommodation. One of the two services of this website may help you find the best housing option.

We wish you pleasant journeys and new acquaintances!