K2, the second highest peak in the world

K2, the highest landmark of Pakistan

K2 or Godwin Austen

K2 is otherwise called Godwin Austen. It is most higher point of interest of Pakistan and most noteworthy crest of the Karakorum Hills. It is 8,611 meters over the ocean level. A. Compagnoni and L. Lacedelli of Italy were the principal people to summit this mountain. They climbed it in 1954. It is arranged on the fringe of Pakistan and China. This super high mountain is situated in the area of Baltistan. The name Godwin-Austen is proposed in the honor of Henry Godwin-Austen since he investigate this mountain. Godwin Austen is situated in the northern ranges of Pakistan. It is critical mountain for Pakistan since it is the piece of Baltoro Glacier, which can help Pakistan to create power later on.
K2 in the daylight K2 coverd with snow K2 at night

Godwin Austen is less high than Mount Everest however it is more hard to climb Godwin Austen due to exceptionally icy climate and startling tempests. It was initially endeavored to reviewed by Thomas Montgomerie and his other colleagues. They delegated K2 the second most elevated mountain on the planet. After this in 1892 Martin Conway additionally endeavor to summit K2 however he achieved “Concordia”. The following endeavor to climb K2 was taken by Oscar Eckentein and his group yet they achieved just the foot of Godwin Austin. On the accompanying the brilliant proverb “Try,Try Again” they did’t leave their mission and as yet attempting, At last they came to at 6,525 meters.
K2 K2, the highest landmark of PakistanSovereign Luigi Amedeo and Duke of the Abruzzi the following attempt however they just came to at the stature of 6,250 meters. Charles Houston endeavor to climb K2 in 1953 however he fizzled as a result of thunder tempest and he came to at 1,700 meters. Ardito Desio, Lino Lacedelli and Archile Compagnoni endeavored to climbed K2 and Succeed to summit it and turned into the first to climb world’s second most elevated peak. K2 gives us extremely beguiling scenes. So If you come to see it, bear in mind to carry camera with you.