King Island, Australia

King Island, Australia

A fifty minute flight from Tullamarine airport by either charter or Lear jet will transport you to the island that has it all. Located some 80 km northeast of Tasmania and about 90 km southeast of the Victorian southern coastline, it has never been easier for those seeking to escape civilization whilst remaining relatively close to it.

History of King Island

Following its’ discovery in 1798, the island flourished as a breeding ground for sea elephants and seals, then sadly slaughtered to near extinction by cruel sealers and sailors. However, today they have been thankfully reestablished. As the years unfolded, so too did certain tragedies. The treacherous Bass Strait seas claimed their own fatal tally, destroying hundreds of ships and drowning even more people. Approximately some sixty of these ship wrecks occurred off the King Island coastline, a lasting legacy of the real dangers to those intent on crossing Bass Strait. Eventually settled by Europeans, the once richly forested island was soon cleared, and today the farming of this fertile land has resulted in produce of international acclaim.

Isolated Simplicity in Australia

Without a doubt the overwhelming appeal of King Island is its staggering isolation and exquisite unadulterated simplicity. Here the air is so pure it almost hurts to breathe, the friendliness of the locals and the sophistication of their hospitality is genuinely revered, and nothing but the freshest and best organic cuisine in the world is on offer. Even if the weather remains unpredictable, nothing else on the island is left to guess work. So complete is this combination visitors are clamoring for the experience in fear that it may soon elude them.

King Island in Australia

Quite naturally, the resident population of some 2,500 locals is fiercely protective of the islands untouched rugged coastline, the green rolling landscape and pristine beaches and needless to say the islands’ up and coming popularity as a getaway destination. Famous artists and authors reside here. Privately owned planes are regularly spotted jetting in. Ocean front mansions have raised the real estate market stakes and yet it remains a place where the simple things in life are still treasured.

Internationally Acclaimed Cuisine on King Island

However, it goes without saying that the greatest experience of all on the island has to be the cuisine. For starters, ask any one about King Island Beef. Thanks to the perfect temperate climate, the abundant rainfall and the cleanest and most natural environment for the pesticide free grass fed King Island cattle to prosper, it is of little wonder that the beef has won the accolades of international recognition.

King Island Dairy’s reputation is equally formidable. The range includes Brie, Camembert, Washed rind, Triple Cream, Blue, Crème Fraiche, and for the ultimate in gastronomic pleasure there is an exclusive King Island Black label range.

King Island, tasmania, Australia

As for the King Island Seafood, it is quite simply the best in the world. The decadence of being able to enjoy fresh oysters being chucked and eating them immediately, or selecting your own fresh King Island Crayfish from a holding tank and having it served within minutes is life changing. The insatiable selection fish is equally fit for royalty. Local fish include Silver Trevalley, Grey Fish, Magpie Perch and Stripy Trumpeter just to name a few. There are plenty of restaurants available offering unforgettable dining experiences, and guests are invited to try their own hand and participate in the various cooking classes on offer.