Koh Lanta and surrounding beaches in Thailand

Koh Lanta, surrounding beaches in Thailand

Koh Lanta, Thailand is better known as Long Beach in Thailand is located south of Phuket. The closest airport to Lanta, Thailand is Krabi Airport. Families are couples are drawn to Koh Lanta, Thailand because the area is relaxed, romantic, and although the beach has its share of bars, the island is not known primarily as a place to party. A large number of older people, young families, friends and couples in love from Switzerland, Germany, and England bask in the sun in Koh Lanta.

There’s more to do than to relax in the beach, or hang around a Lanta resort but most of the activities in Koh Lanta, Thailand and other beaches in Thailand revolve around the beach. Dozens of resorts line the beaches of Lanta, and there is even a tourist agency on Koh Lanta’s eastside. Guests who find their accommodations in Thailand’s beach bungalows can arrange for excursions to Thailand’s islands.

Snorkeling in Koh Lanta, Thailand

Snorkeling and scuba diving are popular activities in Koh Lanta and surrounding beaches because the water is said to be crystal clear. One Day Tour Boat trips are available to Koh Rok’s crystal clear waters, where visitors can go snorkeling before they head to the National Park for additional water activities, snorkeling and swimming.


Phi Phi Island has beautiful reefs to explore and snorkeling as well. Phi Phi is a larger island that Koh Rok Nai, and in contrast to Koh Rok, this island is a bit more popular with tourists. Phi Phi is a developed island with resorts, but it is also well-known for its beautiful coral reefs.

Island Hopping in Thailand

Island Hopping in Thailand can cost about 1,300 baht, or about $40. The daylong trips, that are conducted by speedboat with groups usually include lunch, snorkeling gear, and beverages.

Elephant Tours in Thailand

Elephant Tours in the rainforest in Thailand. Tours can last for as little as 30 minutes or as long as as a full day when combined with other tours. Typical trips include a pickup from a hotel or resort in Koh Lanta and a transfer to the rainforest. People then ride through the rainforest on an elephant. Some trips include a chance to feed the elephants and short hiking trips through the rainforest. A trip to Old Town, Koh Lanta, a chance to see a monkey show (with pictures with the monkeys) or a trip to tiger cave may be some options for the safari.


Kayaking in Koh Lanta, Thailand

Kayaking through Thailand’s Mangroves with a Koh Lanta tour. The tour guides can usually pick up clients at the resort or will meet their clients at a designated location on the beach. The tour may cost about 1,000 baht.

Jogging or Walking on the Beach Lanta

The beaches near the northern end of Lanta, Thailand are not rocky. They are flat, with unspoiled sand. Take a morning job soon after sunrise for a great workout. The length of the beach is about 4K.