Macau, China


Macau, China

Known as the Las Vegas of China, what happens in Macau stays in Macau. If you have seen “Now You See Me 2”, you probably might have had a vision of how beautiful and serene the city is. That being said, here are top 10 places that you need to visit in Macau to make your trip awesome. Have a look!


Ruins of St Paul: If you are not visiting this place, consider that you’re not visiting Macau at all. Being the most visited Macau tourist attraction, it is built in 17th century. However later in 1835, it got destroyed by fire but the facade is remained till now in St.Paul’s Church and St.Paul’s College ground.



Senado Square: As the name says, it is the most prominent urban square for years now and is still a famous venue for public celebrations. The beauty of it is enhanced by the Portuguese architecture and the usage of mosaic colored stones with patterned waves.



Venetian Macau: Las Vegas without a casino? Do you know that Macau has the world’s biggest casino? Being the exciting entertainment spot in Asia, it is a combination of amenities, attractions, infrastructure and other physical facilities. Don’t miss gambling here. It contains 350 anchor shops, 3000 suits with around 70 Sqm Italian marble toilets taking the luxury to next level.



A Ma Temple: The name Macau is derived from the place A-Ma or the goddess A-Ma-Gau, a seafarer Goddess dating back to the 16th century. The legend says that girl on looking for a passage to the city of Canton gets rejected by the wealthy owners but later a fisherman takes her on board. A storm wrecks all the boats except the one with the girl and on reaching Macau, she appears as a goddess at which the temple and the city are built.



Fisherman’s Wharf: An 111,500 Sqm Park; it is the first cultural themed tourist attraction of Macau. It is located in the outer harbour and it has many facilities involved in accommodating, entertaining, dining, exhibiting and shopping areas. It only takes a 5-minute walk from the Heliport and the HK Ferry Terminal to here.



Macau Tower: A skyscraper is soaring about 338 meters above the townscape, this is the 10th tallest freestanding tower in the world and the 8th in India. The tower dominates the entire urbanscape and the skyline giving panoramic views from the top including the Hong Kong islands and the Pearl River. The Revolving Tower is an addition to the tower which takes an hour to make on revolution and it is a restaurant that accommodates 250 persons at a time.



Kun Iam Statue: Dedicated to the kind Goddess of Mercy, it is only 20mts tall. However, it is made entirely of special bronze with a dome shaped lotus flower like base. It is an ecumenical center where facts are written about Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism.



Therefore, these are the famous tourist attractions that makes the city as it is; and if you are planning on visiting Macau, make sure that you visit all of these places without missing anyone.