Manitoba (Canada – North America)

Manitoba (Canada – North America)

Situated in the center of Canada, Manitoba offers more diversity than one would expect of a prairie province. Known for its blue skies and endless festivals, southern Manitoba holds a few surprises.

Winnipeg is full of great restaurants and unique attractions, and is proud of its multi-cultural heritage.

Environment wise, southern Manitoba offers hot humid summers with dramatic thunder storms. Summers are also populated by swarms of mosquitoes, although spraying by the city keeps the numbers relatively low within Winnipeg. Winter tells a different story, with a long period of snow and cold. Temperatures of around -50 with the windchill are not uncommon in January.

Both within and outside of the city, fishing and water sports are a summer passion. Manitoba offers over a 100,000 lakes.


Manitoba is known for its abundance of festivals. Every weekend in the summer there is something to check out.

Folkarama – Multi-cultural festival in August draws is very popular.

Fringe – A very popular fringe festival takes over the inner city core every summer.

Folk Festival – Only 20 minutes north of Winnipeg, the folk festival draws huge crowds that camp out to hear the crooners.

Festival De Voyageur – The mid February Metis celebration warms up the winter weary.



Winnipeg is blessed with an abundance of parks, restaurants, cultural centres, and shopping.

The Forks – An historic meeting place at the junction of two rivers, is now a bustling centre with markets, restaurants, concerts, buskers, museums, a hotel, and a wonderful walkway along the river.

Winnie the Pooh – The famous bear was actually named after Winnipeg. The original painting hangs in the Pavillion at Assiniboine Park.

City Parks –Assiniboine, St Vital, King’s, and Kildonan comprise some of the bigger parks the city has to offer. All are filled with trees and views of the rivers.

The Manitoba Museum – One of the premier museums in Canada, the displays are very well done. Walk amongst the Nonsuch trading ship or through a boreal forest.

Art Gallery – Winnipeg boasts a spacious art gallery featuring local and international artists.

Riverboats – a favourite summer pastime is plying the rivers in the various commercial and private boats.

White Buffalo –Winnipeg zoo is fortunate enough to care for Blizzard, a White Buffalo.

Fort Whyte Centre- Fishing, hiking, an interpretative centre and a buffalo herd await inside the city limits.

National Museum of Human Rights – With ground breaking in 2009, it will be the first national museum outside of Ottawa.

Rural Attractions

Manitoba – Canada

Grand Beach – Rated as one of the best beaches in Canada.

Narcisse Snake Pits – Narcisse is a denning site for garter snakes. Large balls of them can be seen in the spring. The site is located 2 hours north of Winnipeg

Spirit Sands – The sand dunes of Spirit Sands are a place of unique beauty in Carberry Provincial Park.

Manitou Ahbee – One of the oldest petroform sites in North America, the stones are arranged in various shapes across the granite outcroppings. Also called Bannock Point, the site is located in Whiteshell Provincial Park

Gimili – Originally an Icelandic fishing village, it is complete a harbour and an Icelandic festival.

Riding Mountain National Park –Mother Nature has weathered down some of the oldest mountains in North America to be a series of tall hills. Riding Mountain offers great hiking and ski trails, abundant wildlife, and one of Grey Owl’s cabins.

Whiteshell Provincial Park – Large granite outcroppings and hundreds of cold lakes dot the landscape of the Precambrian shield. Cottagers, fishermen, and hikers love this piece of wilderness.

Manitoba is worth taking the time to explore.