Most romantic places in Paris

Most romantic places in Paris

The romantic aura of Paris is not merely imagined; the city was one of the few major European locations to avoid destruction during the World War II, and has been the drawcard for artists and writers throughout recent centuries who’ve influenced the city as much as it has them. This old world charm makes Paris a perfect location for a romantic weekend away and, amongst other great Paris sights, finding the perfect spot will help enhance that sense of romance many times over.

The Most Romantic French Restaurant

What could be more romantic than dining out in an Art Nouveau-style restaurant, enjoying a quality of food and wine wherein passion and attention to detail are second to none? The French have a great reputation for dining elegance and superior food quality, all of which culminates in an atmosphere that screams romance.

While narrowing down the immense array of Parisian restaurants is hard work, the website Eat In Paris can help. It’s also helpful to note that in France there are both restaurants and bistro’s; restaurants are usually very expensive, top class affairs, while bistro’s are a little less expensive, with food that is still of excellent quality but more common to Western tastes. A Bistro is therefore a little less intimidating, but still has that wonderful romantic atmosphere lovers seek.

The Eiffel Tower Alight at Night

While the Eiffel Tower may be the world’s most recognisable tourist attraction and a familiar symbol of romantic Paris, visitors to the iconic tower will quickly find any attempts at romance thwarted by the thousands of tourists around. There are two great ways to enjoy romance by the tower with less of the intrusion; at night and from the Trocadero.

At night the Tower is spectacular, lit up with thousands of lights making it truly stunning sight. During the day, the fountain adjacent the Eiffel Tower sits next to the viewing platform of the Trocadero. There are still crowd here, but less so, and the various parks surrounding the fountain can often be empty but still provide wonderful views of the Tower. Bring a picnic lunch and a bottle of champagne for true Paris-style romance.

Cruising the Seine in Paris


The old buildings along the banks of the river Seine reveal Paris at its most charming and nostalgic. A river cruise along the Seine is like a cruise through another era, where the glass facade of other modern cities is left behind for a long stretch of timeless beauty that evokes the sort of images familiar from Paris’s great Impressionists. Along with views of the Notre Dame Cathedral, the old Rail Building and the Eiffel Tower, a cruise down the Seine is for lovers and romantics with a sentimental streak.

Making the Old New at the Viaduc des Arts

Located along the Avenue Daumesnil is a lengthy series of viaducts known as the Viaduc des Arts, which date from the 1800’s and have been lovingly restored by the locals. Each arch has been turned into either a cafe, restaurant or, for the most part, a shop housing an artisan or craftsman. The pleasure for romantics is to step back in time and stroll along this incredible reconstruction of a period of history that is true Paris.

Paris’ Best Park the Parc des Buttes Chaumont

While there are many wonderful parks in and around Paris, the best and most romantic is, perhaps, Paris’s wonderful ‘Parc des Buttes Chaumont’. This park has many romantic nooks and crannies for lovers to sit or wander through and includes some natural cliffs, gorgeous bridges and a grotto with its own surrounding lake and waterfall. Furthermore, there are various gardens throughout the park, along with bridges, lakes and pathways.


This most lustrous of city parks is in easy walking distance from the Buttes Chaumont Metro Station, and may just be the perfect secluded Parisian spot to get down on one knee and ask the big question…

Romance Can Be Found Anywhere in Paris

Romance in Paris is all about an atmosphere; of timelessness, of detail and of finding oneself in a place exuding so much passion derived from its history. For this reason, most couples will find their own tiny corner of Paris that’s special to them – there’s no particular spot that is more exceptional and a walk along many of the inner city boulevards will reveal personalised moments of romance for even the hardest of hearts.