Petronas Twin Towers

Far view of the towers

Petronas Twin Towers

Petronas Twin Towers is the tallest twin towers in the world. It is an unavoidable sight in Kuala Lumpur as they dominate the skyline and are really a sight to behold. While constructed using only concrete, they have a metal finish which reflects both natural light and the spectacular night lights on the Twin Towers themselves. Aside from being an attraction itself, the Petronas Twin Towers also gave home to a few more attractions. One basic attraction inside is the Petrosains. Located in the 4th level of Suria KLCC, it is a 7,000 sq metre science discovery centre which is practically focused on stimulating the interests of people towards the playful and exciting world of Science and Technology. Although covering just six floors, an approximate 100,000 people pass through the mall’s doors daily, totaling up to over 41 million in traffic yearly. Their formula is simple: understanding its consumers.

Day view of the tower

The Petronas Skybridge, located 170 meters above ground and connecting the two towers is something you will be able to enjoy in a free tour of the Skybridge, courtesy of Petronas. However, obtaining tickets to go on this free tour is a little bit time consuming. Visitors are allowed to go onto the 41st floor to see the sky bridge. From this vantage point you can see the park below and on a clear day all the surrounding cities of Kuala Lumpur. In order to get into the sky bridge it is necessary to get a pass. These passes are given to about 1400 people every day, and usually are all distributed before noon, so make sure you get there very early to ensure that you managed to get one.

Dawn view of the towers

Visiting Suria KLCC always brings new surprises – since the management change their tenant listings yearly, with 2013 alone seeing the addition of 24 stores. Much weight is given in retail placement, with over 20 popular brands in the Suria KLCC building. Just outside the plaza is the KLCC Park. This park has jogging and walking paths, a wading pool, and a children’s playground. It has a very large water fountain with built-in lightings that puts on a fantastic show, as the water blasts high into the air.

Far view of the towers

The design of the Petronas Twin Towers is based on a simple Islamic geometric design of 2 squares aligned crossing each others to form an 8 pointed stars. This reflects unity within unity, harmony stability and tranquility.  There are 3 groups of elevators that together service all the floors in the building. The elevator carts are two stories or levels, so one story handles the even floors and the other handles the odd floors. These elevators are also specially equipped with a number of safety devices.

Looking at the towers from below

Satisfy your hungry belly after all that walking at the RASA Food Court or Signatures Food Court which offers double the occupancy at 1,200 seats. Those targeting specific cuisines can pick from over 60 bakeries, cafes, fast food joints and restaurants. Enjoy the variety of local food such as the “Roti Canai” or Malaysian pancake which is served with dhal curry, and “Tea Tarik”, the Malaysian national drink made of black tea and condensed milk that is both delicious and nutritious.

Night vision view of the towers

The Petronas Twin Towers opened its doors in 1997 with the official opening in 1998 just before the Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur.The Petronas Twin Towers was the tallest building in the world until 2004 when it was taken over by Taipei 101 in Taiwan. Getting to the towers is easy, there is the Putra train that goes right to the towers. Kuala Lumpur offers much more interesting things to do. So pack your bags and gets ready to visit Kuala Lumpur. If you have any question about any place, please make sure you ask the tour guides and travel agencies to obtain all the information.