Picturesque Cabo Rojo (Puerto Rico – Caribbean Island)

Picturesque Cabo Rojo (Puerto Rico – Caribbean Island)

If planning a getaway to Puerto Rico, make sure to include Cabo Rojo on the list of stops to see. The entire island has much to offer, but the features that make Cabo Rojo special are unique and only found in this city in the Southwest of Puerto Rico.

Cabo Rojo sets perfectly against the Caribbean Sea and along its coast lie breath-taking limestone cliffs. They are around 200 feet above sea level and draw visitors from across the world. Have a camera ready, because the views are phenomenal and no other picture will compare. Nestled over the limestone cliffs is Cabo Rojo’s most popular attraction, the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse. Built in the 1880’s, El Faro is still fully operational and a must-see for history buffs. Within hiking distance from the lighthouse is a small beautiful beach, sometimes referred to as “Dirty Bay.” Far from being dirty, this beach has a spectacular view of the cliffs in the distance from the sandy shore. The waters have a gorgeous blue color and are very gentle.


Another great place of interest in Cabo Rojo, the National Wildlife Refuge, has plenty to satisfy the nature and science lover. The facilities rest in a subtropical dry forest that offers guided walks, bird watching, bike and hiking trails, observation stations, and environmental awareness. The refuge also has an area of salt flats with an observation tower overlooking the vicinity. The refuge helps protect numerous species of vegetation, animals and wildlife and preserve them. It is possible to learn how the refuge workers are impacting wildlife, and see amazing landscapes and animals all the while.

For the individuals yearning for tranquility and beauty, Boqueron Beach is the place to hit. White sand sprinkles the shore below tall palms at this quiet beach. The waters stay calm and are ideal for resting and relaxing. Along the beach are plenty of snack carts and small stores to taste and explore. But if snorkeling and adventure are more of the activities in mind, El Combate is a better fit. The waters are almost crystal clear and stay the right temperature for snorkeling or scuba diving along the coral reefs. This is one of the larger and more popular beaches and is infamous for spectacular sunsets. The action never stops here! Other waters and areas to take a dip into and check out are Buye Beach and Joyuda Beach.


Not only does this city also have some of the top spots for fishing and boating, but it has lots of great spots for eating from street vendors to quaint restaurants. The residents are friendly and are an enhancement for the traveling experience. Cabo Rojo is one city not to skip on the Puerto Rican Island!

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