The 7 Best Places to Travel Which Will Leave Impressions for Many Years

1.Chiang Mai Province. Thailand

Chiang Mai Province. Thailand place

Mountain villages, drowning in the green of the tropical hills, quaint tribes and their strange rituals, fabulous waterfalls and caves, ancient Buddhist monasteries, rice fields, open people  – it is a brief description of this place. The things that you can see here cannot be described in few words. Here spiritual enlightenment and extreme entertainment, majestic temples and intricate houses and small streets are collected.  Low prices will allow you enjoy in full all the numerous delights. If you want to travel and you don’t have enough time  write essay visit the site and read a big base essays on any topic.

  1. Florianopolis, Brazil


Florianopolis Brazilflorianopolis brazil place

This is the capital of the State of Santa Catarina in Brazil. One half of the city is located on the mainland, and the second on Santa Catarina. The city has one of the best beaches in all of Brazil (about 42). The Hercílio Luz Bridge is a symbol of the city, connecting the island with the mainland. That modern city is full of shopping and entertainment centers, restaurant chains, colorful bars (with affordable prices) and nightclubs (one of the best bars and nightclubs in Brazil). If you like extreme it has something for you:

  • Paragliding
  • Scuba diving
  • Sandboarding
  • Surfing
  • Windsurfing
  • Trekking
  1. Kota-Baru, Malaysia

This city is radically different from the popular tourist places of Malaysia. If you want to see real Malaysia without embellishment and get acquainted with the most good-natured of its representatives, this is the right place! Kota-Baru is Malaysia’s most inexpensive administrative center. For example, lunch in a cafe for one person will cost about 2 USD. The local Cultural Center is a Malay folk dances, puppet theater of shadows, a martial art of Silat, playing on Kelantan drums and Free Entrance.

  1. Sheffield, the UK

Sheffield the UK place

It is a cozy town in the north of the UK. Prices here are two times lower than in big cities, however, this is not a boring village. Every year thousands of foreign students come to Sheffield. Thanks to this, life in the city is boiling and will not let the newcomers get bored too. As a proof of this is the concentration of creative expression of young people, which manifests itself in everything: graffiti on the walls, street music, festivals, design, will tell for itself. The history of the city is displayed in every architectural memorials, which here are gorgeous.

  1. Dalat, India

It is a medium-sized city that looks like something average between Vietnam and the French Alps. It is surrounded by hills, which are covered with pines, lakes and high peaks. Dalat is a good choice for those who seek shelter from the heat, for those who want diversity. It can offer you to ride a mountain bike, go hiking and see a lot of canyons. You will be surrounded by coffee and tea plantations that can compete with mountain plantations in the north of India. The city has a special energy. It teems with a bunch of small cafes, colorful houses and friendly residents.

  1. Te Ana-au, New Zealand

It is the small town on the South Island of New Zealand. It’s considered the capital of the walking world: three of the nine great New Zealand trails are beginning here. If you are a fan of an active type of holiday, then this town is for you. Housing prices are especially pleased in the off-season. (The summer in Te Ana-au starts in December, and winter starts in June.) Local residents often rent rooms in their homes (or even part of the house) for a reasonable price. This is a great opportunity to learn more about rural life in New Zealand. Delightful beaches, mirrored lakes, firefly caves and majestic fjords that’s what you cannot forget for years!

  1. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mostar Bosnia and Herzegovina place

It’s one of the most diverse in ethnic terms of the cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mostar is located on both sides of the Neretva River. Mostar has enough hotels for such a small city. There are spacious clean rooms with all the necessary with the low price. You can find it for 15-25 EUR per night. The main museum of the city “Old Bridge Museum” will tell you the history of the city in the most colorful way. You have a chance to go down to the archaeological sites and plunge into history. The historic center is attractive for walking. The distances here are small, both sides of the streets are rich in noteworthy, beautiful buildings, and the landscapes are simply breathtaking.