Planning A Trip To Hawaii

Planning A Trip To Hawaii

The Hawaiian island of Oahu is a paradise on earth that attracts visitors from around the world every year. Here you’ll find some of the most beautiful natural wonders of the world as well as a lively city with lots to do. You don’t need to be a millionaire to enjoy it either! There are lots of cheap ways to vacation in Hawaii and still have the time of your life. However, any vacation to a far away land still requires lots of planning. Check out and follow the tips below before you travel to Hawaii and you’ll be glad you did!

hotels in Honolulu Hawaii Planning A Trip To Hawaii

Research Your Hotel Location

The hotels in Honolulu Hawaii are some of the best in the world and always have a good location next to some beach or cliff sides. Be sure to get the most out of your stay and do some research on the area surrounding your hotel. You can even give the concierge a call ahead of time and ask what’s around the area to do.

Important Items to Bring Planning A Trip To Hawaii

Important Items to Bring

Nothing is worse than getting to your vacation spot and realizing all of the things you forgot to pack in your luggage. Don’t let it happen to you this time! Here’s a list of the most important things to bring with you on your trip to Oahu.


Sunscreen! With paradise, comes lots of fun in the sun. Keep it fun and be sure to have sunscreen with you every time you go out.

Sandals or Flip Flops

Much of the heat in your body gets released from your feet. Don’t keep them sweating in a pair of sneakers. Bring along some shoes that will let your feet breathe.

Sunglasses or Sun Hat

Definitely a must to have in Hawaii where the sun is always shining. Protect yourself from those UV rays in style!

Waterproof Bag

If you’re a beach bum, it’s always a good idea to bring along a waterproof bag to protect your items from the water and sand.

Beach Mat or Large Towel

The sand on the beaches in Oahu is beautiful but hot. Want to lay on the beach? Definitely have a mat with you to do so.

Light Rain Coat

The rainbow state is known for bringing in quite a bit of rain. Be sure to have a light waterproof jacket or poncho with you for when the rain lets loose.

Learn Some of the Language

Hawaii is a culturally diverse area where language is a large mixture of many different languages and slangs. In addition to native Hawaiian language, the slang language used most on the island is called ‘pidgin’ (pronounced like the bird ‘pigeon’). Here are a few words and phrases to get you started on your research.

Shaka = refers to that famous hand sign that surfers are known to use indicating that everything is ‘cherry.’

Cherry = What’s ‘cherry’? It means ‘nice’ or ‘cool.’ You’ll hear people say it every once in a while.

Howzit = How’s it going?

Uncle/Auntie = A term of respect that can refer to anyone older than you. Doesn’t mean you’re related.

With this information, you are well on your way to having an amazing vacation in Hawaii.

Happy traveling!