Rohtang Pass, Manali


Situated at a stature of about 3979 m and a separation of 51 km from the amazing Manali, Rohtang Pass is located on the interstate to Keylong/Leh. In winters, the pass stays shut however is open from June to October for engine vehicles. This pass is a door to Lahaul Spiti, Pangi, and Leh valley. The best time to visit the pass is from June to November. In May, Rohtang turns into a hotspot for enterprise lovers. Visitors can go for different exciting exercises and games like snow biking, skiing, and mountain biking. Nature partners can appreciate beautiful perspectives of ice sheets, pinnacles and Chandra stream that streams down in the Lahaul valley.


Geography of Rohtang Pass, Manali:


There is a waterfall named as Rahall, which is situated at a separation of 16 km from Manali on the way to Rohtang Pass. This waterfall streams down from an elevation of 2,500 meters and looks visually alluring. Photography buffs must visit this go as they get the opportunity to snap a standout amongst the most lovely pictures of nature. It is prescribed to employ a neighborhood taxi or take transport, as the drive to Rohtang Pass turns out to be entirely extreme with elusive street and restricted bends.


Rates at Rohtang Pass, Manali:


The approved rates for ski equipment, woollen dresses, warm coats, stick sets and snowshoes are:


  • Skiing Dress (Dhangri) – Rs 250/Per Person
  • Warm Coat, Stick Set and Snow Shoes – Rs 200/Per Person
  • Horse Ride – Rs 300/Per Person for ½ hour.
  • Skiing Package – Rs 2000 Per Person.

All of them are valid for 24 hours. However, the rates will be hiked and you will only get them at government rates in low seasons. Therefore, it is recommended to bar gain from the start.


Vehicle Charges at Rohtang Pass, Manali:


A vehicle is to be booked to Rohtang or one can use a shared taxi. Sometimes, the rows also can be booked like the front row, middle row There are taxi operators in most of the city and some good taxi centers whom you contact.


Alto Indica Santro Spark Van


Eco Gypsy Indigo Swift Sumo Mahindra-Maxx Qualis Travera Sumo-grand Innova Scorpio Xylo
2100 2300 2500 2700



Alternate villages around Manali likewise have houses decorated with wood cutting. The Rahalla falls are en route to Rohtang go from Manali and merit going by. While in transit to Rohtang at Beas Nullah one needs to cross the waterway, Beas. This stream begins from here (Beas Kund). There are everyday transport visits to Rohtang pass. Rohtang Pass is shut on Tuesday. While traveling to Rohtang passes one can discover numerous nourishment slows down serving an assortment of sustenances. You can get a frosty drink as retailers keep them directly in running water to maintain the temperature as there is no need of a cooler here. One can savor the nourishment by sitting inside the low running water of the waterway Beas.


Some of the places to visit near to Rohtang Pass, Manali:

  • Nehru Kund
  • Kothi
  • Gulaba
  • Rahla Fall
  • Marhi
  • Rani Nala

Therefore, if you wake up at 5 in the morning and start for Rohtang Pass, you’re entitled to have one heck of a day.