Romantic Disney packages in Orlando, Florida

Romantic Disney packages in Orlando, Florida

For some, a romantic trip to Disney World is a chance to relive a special holiday or go back to the place where they first met. For others, it’s an opportunity to make new memories with someone they love, and the team at Disney World take pride in creating romantic settings for lovers, young and old.

There are romantic carriage rides, speciality cruises and fireworks, moonlight walks and garden swings, and a long list of cosy meals for two to enjoy. Those staying at the Disney Resorts can enjoy spa treatments for two, while those in the one or two bedroom units at the Disney Vacation Club Resort can share a Jacuzzi without leaving their room.

Disney Packages Tailor Made for Proposals

Some of the most unforgettable romantic Disney getaways involve couples arriving at Disney in love, and leaving engaged. One popular place to pop the question is in Cinderella’s Castle at the Magic Kingdom theme park.

Disney has created a Magical Proposal Package, which includes dinner at Cinderella’s Royal Table with a special Chocolate Slipper Dessert. Giving the presentation of the engagement ring a Cinderella twist, the package also includes an engraved Glass Slipper to reveal the ring in.


Disney’s photographers are on hand to capture the moment and take stunning shots around the park as part of the package. Prince Charmings who would like to take advantage of the Magical Proposal Package need to book at least 7 days in advance by calling 407-824-4477.

For those who want to go it alone, it’s still possible to get a romantic Disney photo without crowds of strangers spoiling the shot. Simply head to the photo spot to the right of Cinderella’s Castle. Here, couples can stand in front of a railing and enjoy an uninterrupted view of the classic Disney castle.

The Walt Disney Florist is always happy to suggest other ways to set the romantic tone, and can create a bouquet worthy of the big question. The Florist can be reached on 407-827-3505.

Getting Married at Disney World Resort, Florida

More then 1,600 couples from around the world get married at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida every year. One of the original Destination Wedding companies, Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings has helped 30,000 couples tie the knot Disney style since their first wedding in September 1991.

Disney World Wedding Packages include the opportunity for the bride to arrive on horseback, in a vintage car, or even in Cinderella’s glass coach. Couples are also able to share their big day with Disney characters including Mickey and Minnie Mouse, who are available to join guests at the reception and pose in the official wedding photos.

Renewing Wedding Vows at Walt Disney World Resort


Married couples who want the world to know they still believe in their happily ever after can renew their vows at the Walt Disney World Resort. Over the past ten years, the resort has seen a steady increase in vow renewals, as more and more couples choose Disney as the place to reaffirm their love.

As George Aguel, vice president of sales and services with Walt Disney Attractions puts it: “We are delighted that so many of our guests choose Walt Disney World as the venue to reaffirm their love and create unforgettable and magical memories through vow renewal.”

Romantic Disney Packages at Discovery Cove for Valentines Day

For those who want to treat their loved one to a Disney Valentine experience, there are a number of special packages on offer. After swimming with the dolphins and feeding the stingrays with their sweetheart, couples can take advantage of three add-on packages at Discovery Cove.

The Honey Package includes a photo of the special day in a souvenir frame, along with chocolates and the couple’s personalised buoy, which is presented to them by one of the Cove’s dolphins. The Honey Package starts at $75.

The Sweetheart Package gives couples all of the Honey Package treats, and also throws in a dozen red roses, a bottle of champagne and two flutes to enjoy in a private cabana. As at Valentines Day 2010, Disney’s Sweetheart Package costs $215.95.

For those who want to take things even further, the Romance Package combines the Honey and Sweetheart Packages, and throws in a souvenir DVD of the experience and a champagne chiller. In 2010, the Romance Package costs $295.95. All package prices are in addition to the park’s entrance fee.