Romantic honeymoon ideas in Cambodia

Romantic honeymoon ideas in Cambodia

Sandwiched between Thailand and Vietnam, the little kingdom is gaining popularity as a romantic getaway, with a wide accommodation range including five-star resorts and remote ecotourism lodges to suit every budget and taste.

La Residence d’Angkor, a luxury Orient-Express hotel in Siem Reap close to the Angkor Wat Temple Complex World Heritage site offers a good example of a honeymoon package for 320USD per couple. Champagne on arrival, a rose petal strewn bed, fresh tropical fruits delivered fresh daily and lotus flower arrangements in the room are just some features.

A Khmer candle-lit dinner can be served in the gourmet restaurant or by the pool, and the package also includes an in-room tropical wellbeing bath and massage, according to the hotel.

Tailor Made Honeymoon Trips

Some of the most unique and highly recommended honeymoon getaways are tailor made, rather than package, and a reputable travel agent can be selected from the Cambodian Association of Travel Agents website.

Leading operator Exotissimo recommends a number of examples including a three day, two night cruise from the capital of Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, stopping at one of the country’s less touristy famous floating fishing villages and meandering the canals around the mighty Tonle Sap lake.

The boat also stops at the ancient home of kings at Oudong and a traditional silversmith village and tourists sleep on board. The price varies depending on individual requirements.

Cambodia’s Honeymoon Beach Resorts


Romance in Phnom Penh

Set on the confluence of the Tonle Sap, Tonle Bassac and Mekong rivers, the capital also offers its share of charm, and most large hotels such as the charming French colonial L’Royale have honeymoon suites and packages.

Like Siem Reap, Phnom Penh’s boutique accommodation sector is growing, and hotels like Manor House have become homes away from home for same sex couples on honeymoon. Cambodia is extremely welcoming of same sex couples.

Cambodia provides an ideal and different honeymoon destination idea for anyone, whatever their desires.

Non-Traditional Honeymoons – Beyond the Beach Vacation!

Once upon a time, planning a honeymoon consisted of new couples picking a favorite sunny beach resort to spend a week drinking up each other’s company – in addition to some fruity cocktails! For some newlyweds, however, this kind of honeymoon is a bit too tried-and-true for their tastes. Those couples should consider some of the following romantic, fun – and atypical – honeymoon ideas.

It’s an Adventure for the Newlyweds!


Couples with a taste for adventure may want to consider a vacation that takes them down a road less traveled by. Here are some ideas that will keep newlyweds ready for adventure around every corner:

  • Dig Up Adventure: Newlyweds can don an Indiana Jones hat and some SPF 50 sun block for a honeymoon destined for the deserts of Africa, the jungles of South America, or even somewhere closer to home. Joining an archaeological dig is a perfect vacation for the couple who wants to see a bit of history first hand. This honeymoon is ideal for the couple that is not afraid of rustic accommodations – and getting some dirt underneath their nails.
  • Walk on the Wild Side: Honeymooners choosing to go on Safari for their vacation will get up close and personal with the animals and beautiful landscapes in Africa. This honeymoon will make some incredible memories and allow for some breathtaking photos for the rest of the family.
  • Cruise to Antarctica: The couple planning this vacation will be sure to pack some extra layers when getting ready to depart on this icy adventure. Cruises vary in length from 11 days to over two months and typically feature wildlife tours and educational talks. Family members may wish to pack the honeymooners a care package full of warm mittens and packets of hot cocoa.

Honeymooners Feeling Festive at a Festival

A great way to have a memorable honeymoon is to plan a vacation around a festival that can be visited again for future anniversaries or as a special trip with new members of the family. Here are some festivals around the world that keep the party going for the duration of the vacation.

Get Crazy at Carnival: Jetting down to Brazil for the annual celebration of Carnival, newlyweds will experience partying on a whole new level. The parties go on well into the early morning for this week-long festival, so only the truly party-hardy honeymooners should try this vacation on for size.
Chinese New Year in Hong Kong: Celebrations are also held around the world in places with large Chinese-speaking populations, but Hong Kong boasts one of the largest festivals around. Honeymooners will have the opportunity to delight in Chinese opera, dragon boat races, delectable food and parties that last long into the night.

Toast Napa Valley’s Festival del Sole: For the couple who enjoys the finer things, a honeymoon centered around wine, music and five-star cuisine may be the perfect vacation. Art shows, dancing and chocolate tastings ensure that this festival is one that will not be easily forgotten.

Indulge a Favorite Hobby While on a Honeymoon

A love of music, art or dancing can inspire a honeymoon like none other. Why not spend a honeymoon indulging a common favorite activity?

  • Follow the Music: Music-lovers can plan a romantic and fun honeymoon by following a favorite band on tour. Check and see if the band is currently on tour and consider joining them on tour for a few of their dates. Nationally-known bands typically have both national and international tours so newlyweds can consider keeping their honeymoon close to home, or as far away as they like.
  • In the Eye of the Beholder: Art enthusiasts can share a honeymoon featuring a favorite artist or museum. Newlyweds that have a common love of an artist should consider planning a vacation around the artist’s hometown where specialized galleries and tours are prevalent. The new couple could cap off this artistic honeymoon by purchasing a print of the artist’s signature work for their home.
  • Shake a Tail Feather: Week-long dance classes allow newlyweds the opportunity show off existing moves and learn some new ones. Adult dance camps are held all over the world and can be the perfect idea for a honeymoon that keeps the happy couple on their toes.

Newlyweds and Alternative Honeymoons are a Perfect Match

Newlyweds shouldn’t feel constrained by tradition when it comes to planning a honeymoon. There are as many options as there are locations around the world, with plenty of activity ideas to keep the new couple busy during the first days and weeks of their marriage. Whether it’s an action-packed, exciting festival, or hobby-centric honeymoon, the newly married couple’s marriage is sure to start off on the right foot.