Russia – travel, hotels, places to visit

Russia - travel, hotels, places to visit

When people travel to Russia, they may have the misconception that Russia is still the dreary place depicted on 80s television, with long lines for bread and few prospects for fun. Luckily, those days are long gone. People who travel to Russia will find a modern country with plenty of attractions for tourists.

Before Traveling to Russia

The most difficult thing about planning a trip to Russia is the visa process. To get a visa, the process is two-fold: first, people planning to visit Russia need to get a letter of invitation. This letter can be issued by hotels, travel agencies, or employers (for those traveling to Russia for business). After the letter of invitation is received, that’s when tourists can apply for a visa. The visa application is lengthy, but after it’s sent in, people can get a visa in just a few days.

Air Travel to Russia

Because it’s so far away, airline seats to Russia can be pricey. Like any international travel, the savvy traveler to Russia will buy their tickets far in advance of when they are traveling and keep an eye open for deals. Another tip is to try flying out of Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta is a huge international hub, and sometimes, cheap flights to Russia can be found through airlines that fly from Atlanta to Moscow. People should look into Delta Airlines, as they are especially well-known for their cheap flights to Russia.

Hotels in Russia


Hotels in Russia run from five-star, luxury hotels, to tiny, inexpensive hostels. has great information on Russian hotels, with reviews and pictures from travelers who have stayed in Russia.

Things to Bring to Russia

In the big cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg, tourists will find almost everything they would find in any other major metropolitan city. Some things that are a must for tourists to bring to Russia: an adaptor for electrical outlets (Russia runs on 220 / 230 V) and a Russian phrase book. Tourists will be happy to learn that in the major cities, English is widely spoken, especially by the younger generation. But for the smaller towns, it’s virtually impossible to find people who can or will speak English. Russians are a very perfectionist people: if they can’t speak English fluently, they often opt to not speak English at all.

Places to Visit in Russia


People planning to travel to Russia will of course want to visit Moscow and St. Petersburg, but they should also keep in mind the famous small towns and cities that make up the Golden Ring. These historical towns have beautiful architecture and give tourists the chance to experience the “real” Russia.

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