Santa Lucia Hill

cerro santa lucia

Santa Lucia Hill A Breathtaking place

Santa Lucia Hill is arranged in Santiago(Chile).It is a little slope that is arranged in the mid of Santiago City.Its stature is 69 meters. The highest point of the slope can be come to by means of the primary passageway, and additionally by method for the person on foot access at the edge of José Miguel de la Barra and Victoria Subercaseaux, up a flight of stairs. There is likewise a lift on the west side of the hill. Cerro Santa Lucia is arranged amidst the town to have a stunning perspective of the city. On top of the slope are numerous statues, wall paintings, lakes and a château to explore.Cerro Santa Lucia (Metro Line 1 to Santa Lucia), the site where the Spaniard Pedro de Valdivia established Santiago in 1541. The summit presents stunning perspectives of the city carved out against the gigantic Andes – a site most likely not to be missed. Cerro SantaLucía is one of the prime examples of Conquista strongholds and nineteenth century urban design in one place. Cerro Santa Lucia has three primary developments: the fundamental passage on the Alameda, with its wide, bending staircase, fronted by a wellspring and sponsored by a yellow manor; the fortification at the top from which the best perspectives of downtown can be seen; and the Castillo Hidalgo, which regularly has expansive universal occasions.
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