Six Senses Resort Zighy Bay, Musandam Peninsula, Oman

Six Senses Resort Zighy Bay, Musandam Peninsula, Oman

The Musandam rocky mountains can vouch for the fact that Six Senses Hideaway is protected from the hustle and bustle of Dubai’s ever-expanding urban lifestyle. Zighy Bay is tucked away between the gulf of Oman beaches and the rocky mountains of Hajar in northern Oman about 90 minutes’ distance from Dubai and the main airport.


This Arabian country lies along the northwestern border of the United Arab Emirates along the Arabian Sea coast on the southeast. The country still bears signs of a colonial past when Portuguese explorers in search of a sea passage to India occupied Muscat, Oman’s capital, between the 16th and17th centuries. Remnants of the fortified city built by Europeans can still be seen today. Oman’s hot climate and crystal blue waters make it an exotic location for a relaxing winter escape from cold northern countries. Several natural attractions make Oman unique, these are lush wadis, crystal water beaches and pristine coastlines, as well the traditional picturesque souq where visitors can find an abundance of gold and silver jewelry and other objects.

Musandam Peninsula

In this beautiful Arabian peninsula the local flora and fauna are unlike other Arabian areas as this is rich in diverse vegetation including vegetables and fruits such as apricots, figs, pomegranates, olives and protected animal species such as the mountain gazelle and the Lappetfaced Vulture, which can only be found in this area. The Al Hajar mountains are also home to endangered species and mammals such as leopards, hyenas and wolfs. Like other countries in the Arabian area Oman’s oil reserves are shrinking making it imperative to diversify its economy. Oman’s national economy is based on market economy, greater emphasis on the tourist industry has been in the works for over a decade as part of the country’s economic development plans for the future.

Six Senses Resort Hideaway: Zhigy Bay


The Zighy Bay area keeps aloof from the usual tourist riffraff with beautiful beaches, coral reefs, rocky fjords, a rich and varied marine life that begs snorkelers to explore its colors. With properties in 6 countries Six Senses Resorts and Spas continues its tradition of luxury getaways in some of the most beautiful, exotic locations around the globe. Zinghy Bay is situated on a sandy beach, surrounded by the Hajar Mountains and has a private marina. It delivers world class luxury service where guests can be treated royally. With its 79 villas with private aquamarine pools, private Spas complete with their very own wellness experts to pamper them guests will feel like a million dollars.

At the resort tradition meets modern comforts, rustic meets refined, and nature meets man’s creations and desire for of comfort and luxury. Guests can take in the cultural tradition of Arabian hospitality and customs while relaxing and enjoying all the comforts, as well as engaging in a number of organized and spontaneous activities the resort and area have to offer.

Zinghy Resort has a team of spa and wellness consultants with years of experience that specialize in treatments for the body and soul to regenerate guests. The Spa is a wellness sanctuary for guests with mental and physical fatigue, stress and the general malaise that city dwellers and overworked souls lament.

The right therapy is in the treatments as diverse as the Crystal Bed lined with ‘Tournaline and Amethyst to re-balance and detoxify the body, the Egyptian oil therapy and reflexology to awaken the senses, the oxygen facials celebrities like Madonna and Jennifer Lopez swear by to hydrate the skin and give it a younger, smoother look, guided meditations that reduce stress and increase self-confidence, and a Maharlika massage to help treat pain and induce absolute relaxation. Guests can also indulge in footbaths and scalp massages or they can wrap themselves in a purifying gold clay body mask immersed in an aromatherapy ambiance infused with Arabian rose.

Activities, Dining, Food


There is paragliding for the adventurous who like to see the sights from high places. Visitors who wish to explore the crystal waters of the gulf of Oman sea can go snorkeling, water skiing, windsurfing and kayaking. There are beach volleyball courts, jogging, walking and biking trails and Arabian cooking classes. Dining and food are a culinary international fare that range from Arabic specialties and organic food to fruit bars, private BBQs and picnics and international favorites. The resort’s Chill Bar will put guests in the Mood with everything from Champagne , classic cocktails, outdoor seating lunches and tea. Then there are specially designed in villa dining experiences with a genie and breakfast in bed. The resort’s Vinotheque invites guests to embark on an oenol…journey that includes sampling wines with a private sommelier and a wine dinner “where a chef and a sommelier work together closely to stun your taste buds.”

Environmentally Friendly

Six Senses Zighy Bay is environmentally conscious and is committed to minimizing the impact its activities have on the environment in a number of ways. They contribute 0.5% of their monthly revenue to support environmental projects. They have also invested in water saving equipment and raise awareness among guests about water conservation. The resort also turns to renewable sources of energy, among other things.