South Dakota (United States)

South Dakota (United States)

For a memorable journey to share with children or grandchildren for many years to come, consider traveling across South Dakota by car. Whether travel is from east to west or west to east South Dakota is prepared to give the most value for tourists’ dollars. There are many pet friendly rest areas along the interstate and campsites at the KOA campgrounds can often be cheaper than hotels. Be prepared to stop and spend some time visiting sites along the way.

The Badlands National Park

To learn more about nature, visit the ranger station at the Badlands National Park. A fun thing for the kids to do is to work on their junior rangers badges while at the Ranger Station. Little ones will spend a couple of hours working with the Park Rangers and come away with a sense of accomplishment and a little more knowledge of the Park.

Bring a camera and plenty of film and stop frequently to take amazing pictures. The colorful layers of sediment demonstrate activity when this area was at the bottom of a seabed millions of years ago. The driving tour can take the better part of the day so take your time and relax in one of the most unusual scenic parks in America.

Crazy Horse Memorial

South Dakota Tourism

South Dakota Tourism

Tourists visiting the Crazy Horse Memorial are able to witness a national monument that is still in the process of being created. The Crazy Horse Memorial began as a way to honor one of the greatest Native American chiefs in the same manner as the Presidents were remembered at nearby Mount Rushmore South Dakota. Plans for the site include an Indian University where Native Americans can study their own rich heritage.

The gift shop does have some wonderful examples of Black Hills Gold and many other treasures including models of what the Crazy Horse Memorial Monument is going to look like when it is completed.

Mount Rushmore South Dakota

The Mount Rushmore South Dakota Monument is the largest stone carving in North America and well worth the time to visit. Learn how the monument was created in the tourist information center. The only fee associated with the visit to Mount Rushmore is a $10 parking fee and it is valid for a year. The gift shop offers many items associated with the park.

South Dakota tour

The road between Rapid City and Mount Rushmore South Dakota is littered with curiosity shops and odd places to visit. If possible take the time to spend a couple of days visiting these smaller attractions they are worth the effort.

Other South Dakota Travel spots

For a unique chance to experience total darkness and explore caves that are within easy driving distance of Mount Rushmore South Dakota there are two main choices, the Jewel Cave National Monument and the Wind Cave National Park. Consider bringing a light jacket even in the warm summer months because the caves are cold all year long.

See live Buffallos and other wildlife in the rolling hills of the Custer State Park where during the month of October visitors can witness the Buffalo Roundup and see them gathering all of the buffalo in the park.

East of Rapid City is the town of Wall where travelers can visit the original Wall Drug store and the kids can mine for minerals and fossils and adults can visit many of the shops that sell everything from rock to more Black Hills Gold. Have a great South Dakota travel vacation.