St. Thomas US Virgin Islands

St. Thomas US Virgin Islands

St. Thomas, the most developed of the US Virgin Islands, offers many activities and accommodations for visitors taking a Caribbean vacation. Beachfront accommodation options include luxury all-inclusive resorts, hotels, and condominium rentals. For those wanting a luxury Caribbean vacation with shopping and other tourist amenities, St. Thomas is a good choice.

St. Thomas offers golf and numerous tennis courts. Other activities include island tours, some ecotours, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, fishing, and of course relaxing on the beach.


St. Thomas offers the best nightlife in the US Virgin Islands. The capital, Charlotte Amalie, is a popular port for Caribbean cruise ships. To accommodate the cruise ship passengers and other tourists, it has many good restaurants as well as bars, clubs, and fine shopping. It is easy to catch live musical performances. For local flavor, enjoy a steel drum band. Nearby French Town is also very popular for these activities.

St. Thomas

Island Tours

Many guided island tours are available on St. Thomas. Air tours are also available. A few popular spots include: Bluebeard’s Castle, Frederiksberg, Drake’s Seat, Mountaintop, and Tillet gardens.

The legends say that the pirate Bluebeard built Bluebeard’s Castle, but it was actually built by the Danes in 1689. Fredericksberg is a two century old residence that is now used as a hotel. Francis Drake used Drake’s Seat to watch for pirates in the nearby Drake’s Passage. At just over 1500 feet above sea level, Mountaintop offers very scenic views of St. Thomas and nearby smaller islands. Historically it was used during the second world war for strategic communications. Tillet gardens is the site of an old Danish farm.


St. Thomas has a few ecotourism opportunities. However those primarily interested in Virgin Island ecotourism might prefer nearby St. John or St. Croix.

St. Thomas Mangrove Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary and Marine Preserve offers the opportunity for kayaking or snorkeling in the tropical mangrove lagoons.

St. Thomas USVI

During February and March whale watching excursions are available. Humpback and other whales migrating down from the north Atlantic can be seen.

Water Activities

St. Thomas offers many lovely Caribbean beaches. Enjoy them, but don’t forget the other possible water activities.

Snorkeling and scuba diving are popular activities. The water around St. Thomas is generally very clear with visibility ranging from 60 to 100 feet. Summer and fall are the best seasons for diving. For safety on deep dives there is a decompression chamber on St. Thomas.

Scuba and snorkeling excursions are available. Anyone who can swim can learn to snorkel. Scuba diving however requires some training. Those who are not certified divers can take a course and experience the lovely Caribbean waters around St. Thomas.

Charter boats are available for touring nearby small islands and sailing. Visit secluded islands or sign up for a sailing school and learn to sail. Small boats for a maximum of 6 people or larger boats are available. Excursions to the nearby British Virgin Islands are popular. Virgin Islands sailing offers the option of exploring the many uninhabited small islands with lovely secluded beaches.

If you are planning a Caribbean vacation, consider St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. St. Thomas offers many tourist amenities, nightlife, some ecotours, diving, and sailing as well as relaxing on the beach.