Texas: A Hidden Gem For Vacations

Texas A Hidden Gem For Vacations

When many people think about Texas, they think about tumbleweeds, cowboy hats and barbecue. While you can find these things in the Lone Star State, this state has much more to offer than an Old West experience. Texas is the second largest state in the U.S. by size, and it is actually larger than France. In addition to spanning across more then 268,000 square miles, it is also the second most populous state in the country. This is one of the most varied and unique states that you can visit, and it offers tourists an exceptional range of experiences to enjoy throughout the year.

An Extensive Range of Attractions

It can easily take you a full day to drive from north to south or from west to east across Texas without stopping. Texas is home to numerous major metropolitan areas, including San Antonio, Austin, Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth. The state has a rich history with a diverse cultural background as well. With this in mind, you can understandably expect to find an extensive range of attractions in this state. Some of the leading attractions include the Alamo in downtown San Antonio, the San Antonio Riverwalk, the Sixth Floor Museum and Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Big Bend National Park, the Texas Hill Country, the Space Center in Houston, Sixth Street in Austin, South Padre Island, the Stockyards in Fort Worth and many more.

Incredible Natural Beauty

Texas Incredible Natural Beauty

Texas has a unique landscape that is comprised of many geographic features. It has a lengthy coastline that runs from the Mexican border up to the Louisiana border. The southern and western regions of the state are mostly arid, and some even have desert-like conditions. To the far west, you can find the Guadalupe Mountains. North Texas is characterized by flat plains, cattle ranches and oil fields. Central Texas features the beautiful Hill Country, the Edwards Plateau, a chain of lakes and numerous wineries. Far eastern Texas has dense forests with large pine trees. The state actually has 10 climatic regions as well as 11 different ecological regions. From beaches to mountains and deserts to forests, Texas is filled with gorgeous natural areas for you to explore during your visit.

Impressive Hotels and Resorts

Some people who visit Texas choose to camp out in one of the state’s many state parks or two national parks. Others prefer to enjoy a more comfortable lodging experience in a beautiful hotel or resort. Many hotels in San Antonio TX as well as in Austin, Houston and other major metropolitan areas have historic charm, and others are modern or even eclectic. When you step outside of major metro areas, you may find stunning high-end resorts. There are also numerous bed and breakfast inns located throughout the state that can provide you with a more personalized and quiet home away from home.

A vacation in Texas can be as relaxed or as exciting as you want it to be. Regardless of the season, there is always plenty to see and do across the state. If you are planning a trip to Texas soon, pay attention to the weather forecast to choose the most desirable time to visit the state. You may also plan to visit the area during one of the state’s many popular festivals, fairs or sporting events to add more excitement to your vacation.