The Ultimate Seattle Travel Guide

The Ultimate Seattle Travel Guide

Seattle is a unique getaway destination that’s full of character and emotion. The beautiful city is a hub for nature lovers but also maintains incredible cityscapes. Known to many as the Emerald City, this metropolis has a breathtaking backdrop of enchanting mountains and lush greenery with lovely natural aesthetics. With so many sites and attractions, Seattle doesn’t have a shortage of things to do. Whether you’re looking to have a family vacation, a honeymoon, or even a weekend getaway with friends, this city is sure to cater to all your needs. Still, with so much to see and do in Seattle, you’ll need a well-thought-out plan for you to make the most of your trip. 

Although having a completely uneventful vacation is next to impossible, there’s a lot you can do to increase your chances of having one. One of the best ways to do this is by having a travel guide and itinerary. You need to know the best hotels to stay in Seattle, the top activities and attractions, and what to carry for your trip before you go. Having this information is especially important for first-time visitors as it’ll help them quickly figure things out. This article explores some of the most crucial elements to keep in mind when traveling to Seattle, to help you make your trip as memorable as possible. 

What to Pack for Your Trip?

One of the most crucial things to figure out when traveling to any destination is what you need to pack. Depending on the weather in your preferred destination, the list of what to carry can vary immensely.


Seattle receives a substantial amount of rain every year. Although in most cases, it’s usually more of a drizzle than a tormenting downpour. Regardless, it’s always better to prepare for the worst. For this reason, it would be wise to pack adequate rain gear, especially if you’ll be staying for a while. Raincoats, rubber boots, and jackets are some of the main things you’ll need. 

Outdoor Gear

Given that Seattle has an expansive wilderness for you to explore, at least one of your activities should include outdoor adventures. Therefore, carrying adequate gear is very crucial for your trip. 

Best Places to Eat in Seattle

There are many ways to experience the culture of a place, but perhaps the best way to do this is by partaking in local cuisines. To help you get a taste of Seattle, here are some of the top places to get some grub in this vibrant city.

Din Tai Fung

Known for some of the best dumplings worldwide, Din Tai Fung is a restaurant with a reputation that precedes it. In Seattle, there are four branches of this restaurant in various locations. While they may all be under the same umbrella, each restaurant provides you with a unique experience. Visiting Seattle can be the perfect opportunity to try out some of the gourmet meals that have made Din Tai Fung a global phenomenon. 

Cafe Munir

Serving some of the best dishes in the Ballard neighborhood, Cafe Munir is a worthy contender for the top restaurant in Seattle. Many of the meals served in this renowned establishment have Mediterranean origins and spices. With this unique menu, Cafe Munir boldly stands out from its counterparts in the Seattle dining scene. Some of their most famed dishes include the mezze platter and marinated chicken. 


For a luxurious dining experience, head on over to the Bateau in Union Street. This top-notch steakhouse provides an unmatched culinary adventure that constitutes mouth-watering meals and exceptional aesthetics. The chef is exemplary in his work, creating delicious meals that are cooked to precision. 

Frankie and Jo’s 

After an exciting dining experience, Frankie and Jo’s provides some of the best ice cream desserts to top it all off. The astonishing thing about this establishment is that it only serves plant-based ice cream free of dairy, soy, and gluten. Moreover, all ingredients are made in-house to ensure that the original taste is maintained. Due to this, there’s often a long queue at Frankie and Jo’s. Even so, many people can attest that the wait is worth it. 

The Best Time to Visit Seattle

Seattle is generally wet during most times of the year. However, the driest months are between June and October. During this time, you can enjoy most of the sites and attractions with little chance of rain. Moreover, summers in The Emerald City aren’t very hot, which can also be a nuisance during your trip. Nevertheless, although visiting Seattle during these months provides the best weather conditions, it’s not the only time you can tour the city.

There are other exciting times to visit the city despite having to gamble in the rain. For instance, many tourists like to visit Seattle in April during the Seattle Cherry Blossom Festival, which coincides with the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. Although these events don’t typically happen in summer, they still attract millions of visitors. Another popular event that both tourists and locals love to take part in is the Seattle Marathon in November. 

How to Get Around in Seattle

If it’s your first time in The Emerald City, it would be shrewd to know how best to commute between your hotel and the various attractions. Here are some of the best transport options in the city. 


This rail is one of the most popular means of transport in Seattle. Running from the city of SeaTac to the University of Washington, the Link Light Rail is one of the best commuting options. Even so, there are plenty of other rail options in the city including, the Sounder train, Seattle Center Monorail, and Seattle Streetcar. 


The King County Metro has more than 200 buses that ferry people around Seattle. They operate on a schedule and transport people to the outer reaches of the city. You can also find plenty of taxi cabs in Seattle or make use of Uber and Lyft.

In Conclusion

Seattle has a lot of unbelievable sites and provides visitors with an immense sense of adventure. If you’re unsure of how to plan for your trip, the tips outlined above provide a great place to start.