Things to Explore in Scandinavia

Things to Explore in Scandinavia

When traveling in Scandinavia, there are many beautiful, historic and interesting places that one must visit. Although the countries that compose Scandinavia are considered northern countries, there are plenty of things to do during the summer months. The average summer temperatures usually hover between 30 and 32 degrees Celsius, so one can visit during the summer months and explore the countries with comfortable temperatures.

The Northern Lights in Norway

One of the best attractions of Norway is the northern lights. The northern lights are also known as aurora borealis. Tromso is the best place in Norway to watch the northern lights, as the light in the sky can only be seen in the polar regions of the world. The lights are caused by particles from the solar wind that gets trapped in the Earth’s magnetic field. The sky lights up in different colours, when the particles crash with the atmosphere. This natural phenomenon can only be experienced at certain locations.

Castles in Denmark


Because of Denmark’s monarchic history, the country offers several large castles that are open to the public. Amalienborg is currently the home of the queen of Denmark, where the future king of Denmark was raised. Exploring the castles of Denmark will not only teach one about the world of royalty, but also the monarchic history of Denmark.

Stockholm in Sweden

Stockholm is Sweden’s capital and one of the top Scandinavian attractions. Filled with sights and history for travellers, there are many ways of explore and learn the city, including guided tours with ample photo opportunities or one can tackle the city alone. The history is full of royalty and battle, so one day is not enough.

Sandy Beaches in Scandinavia

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All of the shores in Scandinavia are smooth and sandy, at least the beach shores. If visiting in the summer, one should definitely visit the beach for a day, walk along the shoreline and put one’s toes in the warm summer sand and even go for a dip. The best beach summer months are late June and all of August.

Skiing in Norway

Since Scandinavia is in the north, there are great opportunities for skiing and snowboarding. Norway offers the best powder snow for the professional skiers and boarders. Famous for hosting the 1994 Winter Olympics, Lillehammer is a spectacular ski terrain and other local winter sport activities. Sweden also has numerous ski resorts that offer beautiful scenery and long slopes.

Things to Explore in Scandinavia

Whale Watching in Norway

Tourists quite enjoy whale watching off the shores of Norway and Iceland. Many choose to go on the whale watching safaris during their vacations. For those who feel adventurous, there are safaris that offer tourists the ability to swim with whales. Although many find this to be a once in a lifetime opportunity, others prefer to remain on the boat and watch the large animals from a distance.