Tips for Taking Great Travel Pics for Social Media

Tips for Taking Great Travel Pics for Social Media

Most people enjoy traveling, but they don’t get the opportunity as much as they would like. Many of them would like to live vicariously through their friends and family on social media. Taking pictures of your travels is a great way to help others in your life feel the experience.

If you are going on a trip, you will want to take some travel pics to remember the occasion. You will want to share the experience with your friends. They will enjoy the pictures if you have put some thought into taking them.

Here are some travel photography tips you should keep in mind.

Decide What Types of Images You Would Like to Share on Social Media

Decide What Types of Images You Would Like to Share on Social Media

Some images will be too boring or inappropriate to share on social media. You need to vet them carefully before posting. Make sure that you don’t get them mixed up before posting them.

Get Up Early

Sunlight is very important for taking great pictures. You will have more opportunities to take great pictures if you get up as early as possible. I understand that jet lag can take its toll on you, so you may feel like sleeping in for a couple of days after a flight. Try to resist the temptation by getting up early to take great pictures. Waking up earlier will help reset your circadian rhythms as well.

Decide What You Want to Take Pictures for

Why are you taking pictures on your trip? Are they to preserve memories for yourself? To share with your friends and family? Will you be selling them as marketing creatives?

Keep your goal in mind while scouting for new opportunities to take pictures. You want to think about your intended audience as well. If you are taking pictures for marketing purposes, they need to really stand out, because images are one of the most important elements of any marketing campaign.

Talk to People Before Taking their Pictures

In many countries, it isn’t polite to photograph people in public without their consent. However, they will usually be more than happy to allow you to take their picture if you are friendly with them first. It is a good idea to strike up a conversation and offer nice compliments. They will usually be flattered to allow you to take their picture.

Think of Ways to Get Exposure for Each Picture

Before taking any picture, you should try brainstorming ideas to make sure it gets traction on social media. Paying for automatic Instagram views is an idea worth considering.

Use a Tripod

Using a tripod is a must if you plan on taking photographs in a strange setting. You will often have difficulty finding stable ground to set your camera otherwise. You may also be stressed out in new settings, so it can be difficult to keep your hands steady on their own. A tripod lets you avoid all of these issues.

Make Taking Pictures One of Your Priorities

Taking great pictures requires a lot of persistence. You may find a few lucky shots here and there, but you are going to need to really invest a lot of time taking pictures to find some that work well. This means that you are going to have to make picture-taking one of your top priorities. Keep your camera with you as much as possible, so you can grab those great opportunities as they show up.