Top 10 Things To Do In Caribbean

Top 10 Things To Do In Caribbean

Planning a visit to the Caribbean? But not sure if there’s more than just sunbathing to enjoy? Well, a big yes!! We bring to you dozens of other ways to relish the sun this summer.

1. Stingrays and you in Grand Cayman

Stingray city, the next best thing will amaze you with its sandbar where you can feed and stroke up as many as two dozen southern stingrays. And, all these without even getting into the water. Yes, believe me. Just enjoy the view of these amazingly scary-looking fish from a glass-bottomed boat.

2. Zip-wire in St Lucia

Zip-wire in St Lucia

This adventure will bring you the experience of the green forest canopy at about 30-50ft above the ground. You will definitely be enjoying the scenic beauty at 500ft runs of cable. The basic conditions are: children need to be eight or older; wear helmets, hair nets, gloves and harness.

3. Surfing in Barbados

The island’s apt Atlantic east coast is meant for surfing. At just £90 for 2 hours, it offers a six-hour programme for beginners.

4. Hike in Puerto Rico

Hike in Puerto Rico

Home to the Caribbean’s highest mountain El Yunque is the Pico del Toro. For something adventurous, hike up the Mt Britton trail, passing the cloud forest to reach to Mt Britton Tower. Just don’t forget to put on your waterproof clothing.

5. Take the train in St Kitts

Between 1912 and 1926, railways came into existence here. These initially carried sugar cane from the plantations to factories in the city of Basseterre. St Kitts Scenic Railway is all about a three-hour circular route including an 18 miles run by a narrow-gauge train and 12 on sightseeing buses. Don’t miss it!

6. Paint in Jamaica

Certain Beaches like Boscobel Resort & Golf organise a creative and colorful Crayola Art Camp for both children and adults. The activities include making collages and creating murals. What’s more is Advanced watercolor and oil pastel classes that are available at a reasonable rate.

7. A submarine tour in Aruba

A submarine tour in Aruba

The subs is one of the reasons to hit Caribbean for a lot of people. It is designed for underwater sightseeing taking you to a depth of 120ft where you will spend 45 minutes among the coral, fish and sunken wrecks and a lot more. It is the undoubtedly the favourite activity of non-swimmers and children.

8. Turtle watch in Nevis

You might have seen Hawksbill and leatherback turtles on Discovery Channel. Did you know that these bury their eggs on the Nevis beaches? Why just know when Montpelier Plantation organises night vigils for you to witness this natural act. It starts mainly from early July and continues till mid-August.

9. Dive at full moon

Enjoy this merry activity that occurs just once a year, usually in late September when there’s a full moon. You will see Curaçao’s coral reef species release myriads of spawned eggs lighting up the sea and attracting an array of fish.

10. Dive with sharks in the Bahamas

Surf the net for Stuart Cove that offers diving with Caribbean reef sharks. All this amid the reefs and coral walls of a place called Nassau. This shark adventure as you should know is a two-tank scuba dive for experienced divers only. It costs just £70 per person.