Top 10 things to do in Paris

Top 10 things to do in Paris

Paris is the perennial city of fashion and love. Yes, it’s our favourite place to be in the world too. With so many things to do in Paris, the city surpasses its own hype. Here are 10 things that you should not miss while in Paris!

1. Arc de triomphe

Located at the center Place de l’Étoile, it is a hub wherein 12 grand avenues like the Idyllic Pedestrian mall and the Champs Élysées originate in the form of a star for which the Place de l’Étoile is named. Enjoy the panoramic view of each avenue of the city by admiring the taut geometry of Paris’s urban plan.

2. Le Fumoir

Le Fumoir

A restaurant-bar run by the head chef Henrick Andersson. This place serves brunch and dinner daily. It stays open late for a fine martini and appetizers. It appears elegant with its discreet, clubby chic, dark leather and smooth lacquer. Wi-Fi and many international newspapers or magazines are available to guide you around the city.

3. Musée de l’Orangerie

Some of its important offerings include Claude Monet’s masterworks, the Nymphéas, La Lune etc. All these in twin oval rooms that surround enraptured viewers with the artist’s vision. The gallery also has Walter-Guillaume collection of post-impressionist works. You can even enjoy a walk in Tuileries gardens and also feed the pigeons from a perch on the promenade.

4. Shakespeare and Company Bookshop

Shakespeare and Company Bookshop

Originally a shop, and now doubled as a library, publisher and boarding house for aspiring writers, it has been in Paris since The World War II. It has a wide array of second-hand books. When you’re done browsing you can borrow the books to the nearest restaurants and cafes.

5. Institut du Monde Arabe

The Institute’s building is classy and one of Paris’s most incredible contemporary constructions. To its south is an intricate lattice of photosensitive apertures which modulate the lighton a traditional Moorish screen. It has a collection of Arabic art, invention and design.

6. Centre Pompidou

It is both the art gallery and cultural hub of Paris. With over 50,000 works and multiple temporary exhibitions, it gets about 6 million visits each year. The building appears blue for air conditioning, green for plumbing, yellow for electricity and lastly red for elevators.

7. Paris after dark

Get ready for a twilight session at Pompidou rooftop bar and restaurant or try the Derrière, a sparkling lounge with a Ping-Pong table and a concealed smoking room. Avail a common outdoor courtyard for a kooky sense of coolness that unites both the ventures.

8. Piscine Josephine Baker

Piscine Josephine Baker

This man-made Paris Beach is a purely cosmetic shore of a glass-walled swimming pool built on a barge. Its glass roof opens to the sky in summer months and protects from inclement weather.

9. Montramartre walk

Tread on the the maple-dappled paths of Montmartre Cemetery and find numerous resting places of the old avant garde. You can even ride the cable car up the hill to the Basilique du Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre. Enjoy the grayish look of the city from above.

10. Shopping in the Marais

The famous shopping precinct, Marais is known for its boutiques and ateliers supplies. Find for yourself some staples for your wardrobe, writing desk and larder. Other shops include dozens of oil shops and Les Bastidettes. Happy shopping!