Top 10 most used common words in USA

Top 10 most used words in USA

What’s your favorite word? It can be some name, an object, a condition, whatever. But there’s always a word that means something special to you. Well, don’t be surprised if common opinion or everyday practice show different results. Words are like owls; they are not what they seem.

As it’s seen from an investigation held by WordPanda (a new generation online dictionary using big data technologies in its studies), the most common words used by US inhabitants are common in all the meanings. We should take into consideration that these studies correspond with online communication; the list may differ for offline speech. But anyway, here is the word Top 10. Not the ones to provide highest scores in Scrabble, they are like water to our speech; the necessary substance never noticed, but vital.

10. NEW. The fact that the word “new” reached Top 10 means that the world we live in is constantly changing, and changes have become the new routine.

9. TIME. Time is money, Franklin once said. But money can be lost and earned again; time can’t. No wonder that we speak of time more frequently than even of money. Though…

8. BANK. Now bank is more than a building you can bring your money to to come back for more in a year or two. it’s a kind of human activity, so “bank” is a verb as well.

7. MUSIC. These magical sounds around us produced by special instruments have become so common that they’re literally 24/7 everywhere, from our alarm tunes to evening shows. We always need more, and not only fresh music, but classical as well. Isn’t it poetic that “music” is above “time”?

6. GAME. Well, we are all Homo sapiens, but we are Homo ludens as well. Playing is not an imitation of life, but an integral part of life.

5. WEATHER. They say British are always concerned about the atmosphere condition, raining, fog, and humidity. As we see, Americans are sensible to weather too.

4. GOOGLE. Yes, when you search any word, you type “google” before typing the word you search. Google is the synonym for “search”, the most powerful engine, the global giant that has put its tentacles into each sphere of our life. And into language, too.

3. CRAIGSLIST. It’s an American lifestyle element that may be uncommon to other countries and (in fact) the only word in this list that needs an explanation at all. Well, craigslist is a board where you can find virtually anything, except for, maybe, a place without Google. It’s named after its maker, Craig Newman. Now its impact has reached far abroad, so Mr. Newman surely deserves his name put next to Elvis Presley and Colonel Sanders.

2. ME. Anyone likes to talk about self, right?

1. YOU. And still, if I want to talk about myself, first I need is YOU. Well, whatever I want to talk about, I need YOU for that!

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