Travel To World Famous Brazil

Travel To World Famous Brazil

Brazil which got its name from the Brazilwood tree is the largest country in South America and fifth in the world. Officially called as the Federative Republic of Brazil, it the largest Portuguese speaking country in the world whose main sources of livelihood are agriculture, mining, manufacturing and tourism. With its picturesque and famous beaches like the Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, and grandiose colonial buildings, thousands of tourists visit Brazil every year, boosting its economy through tourism.

Let us talk about the top information of the country that you should know if you plan on visiting this magnificent country soon.

Capital and Famous Cities

The capital city is Brasilia, which is home to the Brazilian government and many Brazilian companies. The Brasilia International Airport is also located here. It is the largest gateway connecting all major Brazilian cities. Rio de Janeiro is perhaps the most famous of all Brazilian cities because of the internationally known Copacabana Beach and Carnival in Rio, which is held during the summer season. The Sao Paulo is the business center of Brazil and is famous for its highly urbanized and modern atmosphere.

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Geography and Climate

Brazil occupies almost 50% of South America, measuring at 3,286,470 square miles. More than half of the entire country consists of lush forests, including the Amazon River Basin, the world’s largest rainforest. Brazil is also famous for its numerous white sand beaches and fresh water lagoons. Brazil has a tropical climate.


Brazil adapts a multi-party political system. Democratic elections for president, senators, representatives, state governors, mayors and city councils are being practiced. It leads the rest of the world in online electronic voting system with over 100 million registered voters.

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Population, People, Language and Currency: Brazil has about 180 million people characterized by these ethnic groups – 55% White, 38% mixed (White and Black) 6% Black and 1% other (Amerindian, Portuguese, German, Italian, Japanese,). The official language of Brazil is Portuguese, but English, French and Spanish are also being used. Brazilians are known for their warm personality and hospitality, and they are most enthusiastic in allowing tourists to be acquainted with their country’s natural treasures as evident in their picture-perfect land. The Brazilian Real is the currency of Brazil.


Majority of the population is Roman Catholic (73.9%). Other religions include Protestant, Kardecist spiritism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam. Very few Brazilians follow other Christian denominations and African traditional religions.


Brazil is famous for its Carnival in Rio. People from all over the world come in droves to witness the spectacular display of magnificent costumes, street parades and music. An annual 4-day celebration held forty days before Easter, it has become one of the most famous images of Brazil to the rest of the world.

Brazil information cannot be complete without mentioning its national flower, the Ipe-amarelo (Tecoma chrysostricha), and national bird, the Sabià-laranjeira (Thrush)

Today, Brazil is one of the most talked about vacation spots in the country because of its beautiful beaches, which has become the favorite location for extreme water sports like windsurfing and paragliding. You can visit Brazil anytime of the year. With its natural splendor, rich history, and warm people, visiting Brazil is always an exciting experience.