Vacation tips: Disney World’s Epcot Center

Vacation tips- Disney World’s Epcot Center

Of the four main theme parks in Disney World, the Epcot Center is the most family friendly in terms of rides and attractions. Nearly everything can be experienced regardless of age, so there is little need for one parent to act as a babysitter while the other enjoys the attraction. As a consequence, this is not the park for hard-core thrill seekers, as the most intense ride at Epcot is the Test Track.

Epcot Center in a Day

Epcot is one of the parks that can easily be knocked off in a day with minimal planning. The family friendly nature of the attractions is a big help in this. There are only three attractions that provide a potential crowd clog at Epcot. These three rides are Mission: Space, Test Track, and Soarin’. Fortunately, all three are equipped with Fast Pass, a kiosk that you can slip your admission ticket or resort key into to receive a time return ticket that will allow you to bypass the long line wait. The alternative to the Fast Pass ticket is to simply hit these attractions early in the morning when the park opens or wait until the crowd thins in the evening. If you are staying at a Disney Resort, you can also plan your visit to the park during Extra Magic Hours, which will either open the park an hour early or close three hours late depending on the schedule.

Most of the other attractions in the park are made to eat through the crowd quickly. Spaceship Earth, for example, is a ride of continuously moving seats that take you through the Epcot globe. Since the ride does not stop while letting people on or off, it moves the line at a steady pace, like waiting for an escalator. The entrance into The Seas with Nemo is set up the same way, with a ride featuring whimsical scenes and characters from the ‘Finding Nemo’ movie. Other attractions, such as the Universe of Energy ride have brief waiting times, but a huge loading capacity that seats the crowd fairly quick.

Epcot Center Cuisine


In my opinion, one the best features of the Epcot Center is the food. The World Showcase section of the park is split up into separate countries; Mexico, France, Norway, Germany, China, Japan, Canada, Italy, the American Adventure, Morocco, and the United Kingdom. Each of these countries has at least one diner or restaurant featuring cuisine from its representing culture.

If you have opted for the park-hopper tickets, making reservations to have dinner at Epcot would be an advantage, and a cultural stimulation to your taste buds. This is especially a good idea if the park you had visited that day was the Animal Kingdom. The Animal Kingdom closes at five o clock, which is earlier than the rest of the parks. That leaves the evening open for dining or visiting the other parks.

Bonus Features of Epcot


One additional feature of the Epcot is the monorail, which connects to the Magic Kingdom. While the monorail is more of a transport between the two parks rather than a ride or attraction, it is a unique experience that should be tried at least once during your vacation. One option is to make reservations for dinner at Epcot on the day you visit Magic Kingdom and then take the monorail there.

If you do a little planning and follow some of the tips provided, you should be able to experience everything this park has to offer in a day. Good luck, and most importantly, have fun.